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  1. DestinysAngel

    Shiny Trades

    Trading Shiny Skitty Shiny Absol Shiny Trapinch Wants other shinies especially 4th gen starters
  2. DestinysAngel

    Trading Dialga

    Trading a lv 71 Dialga I would like Shinies especially charmander & shinx or a legit deoxys
  3. DestinysAngel

    Destiny's Shinies & More Trades

    I've several to trade, just need to bring them over Have so far: lv 100 magmar lv 100 salamence shiny pidgeot shiny marshtomp shiny girafarig ditto eevee shinx with ice fang lv 70 kyogre chikorita more to come soon Ask if there's a certain poke you are needing I would...
  4. DestinysAngel

    Trading and Hotspot Questions

    I cannot get Wifi, with no hope of ever having it because of having dialup :( but there a few hotspot locations very near me. My questions are: 1. Will I be able to trade using a hotspot location? 2. If I can trade, How is it done? 3. If I can't trade, What can you do at a hotspot...
  5. DestinysAngel

    Help with Mew

    I've been thru BR 4 times and have yet to see Mew. Is there some trick to getting him to appear besides having the music box in your inventory?