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    The Gritty Beasts [OU]

    The Gritty Beasts [OU] Tennis is my life. I eat it, sleep it, and breathe it. Tennis is something I have devoted my life to, and I have bled and sweated the sport for 2 years now. The style of tennis I play is gritty-I run to get anything, no matter how good the shot. Like my tennis, I prefer...
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    OU+Gardevoir-Please rate!!!!

    Phew. My first true competitive team for Shoddy, with real EVs and stuff, lol. Please rate! Gyrados @Leftovers Adamant 156 HP/108 ATK/100 DEF/144 SPE -Dragon Dance -Waterfall -Stone Edge -Taunt Taunt is a major factor against any status factors, and gyrados is an overall good lead...
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    Well Balanced Online Team...you like?

    Phew. Worked very hard on this one, made some sacrifices in regards to my liking of the Pokemon, but oh well. Please rate kindly :) Dewgong ;087; -Water/Ice -Calm -Level 89 -@leftovers -Perish Song (is this as useful as it is made out to be...?) -Surf -Ice Beam...
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    Ounce by ounce, best nonlegendary pokemon?

    Ounce by ounce, stat by stat, what Pokemon do you consider the best pokemon? Please go into detail ^_^
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    Please rate my Platinum Team

    Hey guys! I've spent a while working on my Platinum In-game team, trading and such, so can you all please evaluate how you think I have done? Houndoom ;229; -Level 89 (Pitch) -Shadow Ball -Crunch -Torment -Overheat Exeggutor ;103; -Level 84 (Micromanager) -Leaf Storm -Rest...