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    I'm going to have a Blaziken on my team, please rate.

    Blaziken @ Leftovers Nature: Adamant/Naughty EV's - 252 Atk/236Spd/20SpA Moves: -Swords Dance -Sky Uppercut -Rock Slide -Flamethrower Please help ! I'm not sure about the nature or the EV spread, thanks!
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    - My Emerald Battle Frontier Team -

    DarkGleam ;197; and Leftovers ~Level 100 ~ Nature: Calm Moves -Curse -Baton Pass -Shadow Ball -Moonlight EV Trained in Special Defense, Defense and HP. Quicksand ;260; and Leftovers ~ Level 100 ~ Nature: Timid (I know, it's a bad nature for it) Moves -Surf -Earthquake -Ice Beam...
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    A few suggestions/changes please! :) - From Emerald

    ok, here's my team... Sceptile Level100 Relaxed Nature Miracle Seed Moves: Mega Drain False Swipe(for catching the weak) Brick Break Leaf Blade Swampert Level100 Timid Nature Soft Sand Moves: Take Down Ice Beam Earthquake Surf Zangoose Level100 Relaxed Nature Silver...