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    Are some pokemon types still unbalanced?

    Like Grass and Ice types defensively and Water types offensively. I would suggest giving Ice a resistance to Ice and water or remove their fighting weakness to balance them. Water could be given a weakness to poison Grass is fine
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    How hard are gym leaders when you dont use supereffective moves?

    For those who want a real challenge in the game dont use supereffective moves on gym leaders.Its amazing how much more difficult they become.Unless your mon has a high offensive stat most of the time you are gonna get super potion trolled. I tried this with Roxanne.I had to raise my Combusken...
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    Feeding Classes in pokemon

    Ok its obvious pokemon eat eachother but there are certain pokemon with questionable diets like Machop line Abra line Ralts line Jigglypuff line Timburr line Gothitelle line Mr.Mime line What do they actually eat? I believe Machop line are carnivores since they need alot of protein.
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    How do you make the games feel harder?

    In general without a nuzlocke challenge since that isnt hard its just frustrating since you have to use alot of weak mons then level grind which gets boring quickly to not faint.
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    Supossably these were the teams for the Elite four.

    Lorelei: Cloyster Lapras Jynx Cloyster Lapras Jynx Bruno: Machamp Primeape Hitmonchan Hitmonlee Machamp Machmp Agatha: Gengarx6 Lance: Dragonitex6 god help you...... Would you still beat the game as easily as before?
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    Where did humans in pokemon come from?

    Humans have always been an enigma in pokemon since they arent pokemon nor have their powers.What is also weird is that the human race in pokemon seems to have never build actual weapons.So I wonder what they did in medieval times against rampaging pokemon besides run for the hills.Humans seem to...
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    Alakazam and Metagross

    Alakazam-5000 Metagross-four supercomputers One of these is smarter than our entire human population since human began to exist 100,000 years ago.Do you have any idea how insane a 5000 IQ is its absolutely incomprehensible that what.Alakazam is so intelligent that one of them alone could...
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    help plz

    how do you post pictures in forums all i get are hyperlinks
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    The current anime

    Ash team is horrible the only good pokemon are Krookodile,Boldore,Leavanny and Pikachu How come only tepig evolved and not snivy or even better oshawott.This is just wow and i think hes gonna pull a sinnoh and spam his old pokemon in the Unova league because he knows his team is too weak...
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    New Pokemon Special Arc ideas

    Well what are your ideas for a new pokemon special arc BTW are my ideas stupid
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    Need help

    Hi good night everyone :) Im working on a fanfic known as Pokemon:Kanto Chronicles Its about the adventures of a boy name Red through the Kanto region It has a regional pokedex with 181 species(becuz i added the evos n preevos) Human characters- Red-a quiet,yet ambitious,adventurous young man...
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    Sinnoh Ash vs UNova Ash

    Sinnoh Ash: Infernape Torterra Buizel Gliscor Gible Staraptor VS Unova Ash: Pikachu Emboar Serperior Palpitoad Roggenrola Unfezant
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    Kanto Ash vs Hoenn Ash

    Kanto Ash: Bulbasaur Lapras Charizard Muk Snorlax Pidgeot VS Hoenn Ash: Sceptile Torkoal Glalie Swellow Corphish Pikachu Who will win 10 BUCKS ON KANTO
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    NO vehicles in the pokemon world

    If you have tech that can convert animals into pure energy and data why dont you have transportation Only Unova has a plane/car/trains Why dont they use vehicles at all Its like their not even modern or civilized in other regions However in pokemon Red in the museam there was a...
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    Kanto Pokedex Renewed

    The Kanto pokedex needs an update with all the evolutions and preevolutions. Also in G/S/C there were johto species in Kanto meaning that the regianl pokedex should be bigger I've calculated the number to be 181 HG/SS had hoenn and sinnoh pokemon(wtf) Do you think they should renew and add...
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    Adventures Red vs Cynthia

    Who will win Round one-no switching Round two-switching Round three-double battle Round four-3 vs 3 no switch All lv 100 Cynthias Team in BW Reds team from pokespecial NOW LETS VOTE WHO WILL WIN
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    POkmeon type chart makesvno sense

    NO seriously it doenst make any sense First of all most fire type in their pokedex entries are hotter than 100C the boiling point of water so why doesnt water evaporate instantly when it hits things like magmar(it was born in a fricking volcano),magcargo(18000F temp),Camerupt(bio...
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    May and Wally simply suck plus you dont even fight them after the elite four I mean one complaint i always had in these games are the rivlas are just jokes and ARE too nice to be rivals
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    Game Red vs Manga Red

    Game Red vs Manga Red Game Reds team:;025;;003;;006;;009;;143;;149;(from Stadium) Manga Reds team:;003;;025;;062;;130;;143;;142; all official movesets who will win
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    Best typings for each type

    Fire-Fire/steel Water-Water/Ground Grass-Grass/Steel-only x4 weakness to fire Electric-Electric-only one weakness Normal-Normal/Psychic-immune against ghost and fighting moves Dragon-Dragon/Fire or Water-only dragon weakness Flying-Flying/Steel-electric,fire weakness only...