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    5th Gen Leads

    Quite simply, what do you think will be good leads in Gen. 5? One I thought of was Gigaiasu. Gigaiasu @ Lum Berry Sturdy 252 HP, 252 Att, 6 Spd ~Stealth Rock ~Explosion ~Earthquake ~Stone Edge Of course, just theorymon. Just chose this because it looked similar to a Gen. 4 lead Gigaiasu...
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    No Good Names (OU RMT)

    Hey CRMT, this is just a regular old offensive team for the OverUsed tier. I think it's one of the better teams I have made, but it really could use improvement, which is why I'm posting it here = ) TEAM AT A GLANCE: Resistance Chart: In-Depth...
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    Rmt (ou)

    Sandstorm [OU RMT] Well, this is a OU team built with sandstorm. TEAM AT A GLANCE Swampert(M) @Leftovers Relaxed Nature (+ Defense, -Speed) 252 HP, 252 Def., 6 Att Stealth Rock Earthquake Ice Beam Roar This is a standard MixPert lead. Almost a guaranteed...
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    OU Team

    This is a new "bulky offense" team ive been trying out ;260; Swampert@ leftovers Torrent Relaxed (defense+, speed-) 252 hp, 252 def, 6 att Stealth Rock Ice Beam Earthquake Roar Traditional MixPert set. Set up Stealth Rock turn 1, Roar/ attack, then switch out to set up. Pretty...
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    Hi, i am 4 kjayhawks, and I am new to the forums. I have been playing pokemon since ruby, and competitively for about a month:) i am not a fan of the anime, though.I am willing to battle any beginners,as long as its not hg/ss. Feel free to pm me about battling or trades. Fc-3524 3465 9559(...