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    Champions? or Wannabes?

    I was recently playing the Champions Tournament at the PWT in White 2 and while fun, I couldn't help but be curious about Lance, Alder and Wallace, Champions of Kanto/Johto, Hoenn and formerly Unova, but were these guys truly deserving of the Title? or were they just guys who took advantage of...
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    Time for Change

    Pokemon has been around forever, its been a source of great joy to all of us, it has its flaws but we love it anyway, but there's just one thing that I really need GF to change..... HM's Hidden Machines have been around since Gen 1, there mostly needed for certain obstacles in-game, now with...
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    Fight to the Top

    The Pokemon games always lead us through starting out as a novice who battles all the trainers in a region, their rival and some villainous team, and after all that we just go straight to the Elite 4 and Champion To me it's a little too easy, I think to add a challenge the need to make the...
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    The Day to Day Pokemon

    I was just thinking of the "practical" day to day uses for some of our favorite Pokemon..... (and some not so favorites) having Jigglypuff to put me to sleep would be cool, or having Sawk help me with some sparring or having Ralts teleport me anywhere I wanted for entertainment purpose I'd...
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    Unova League too Soon?

    With the Unova League coming up soon (I'm guessing towards Mid Fall), Ash has already lost to Trip 3 times now, and this was pretty much the same record he had against Paul, but come League time his Victory against Paul was....Meh but at the very least believable since he had ample training...
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    Battle of the HAX!

    It was only a matter of time.... But with whole WCJT being over now, I cant help but wonder, Who do you think would've won out of the Tourneys Top Dogs Iris's Dragonite and Trip's Seperior Both where shown to be extremely Powerful, both decimated Pokemon that they had clear type...
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    What's My Motivation?

    Lately I've been playing my Gen 4 and 5 games to kill some free time, and though I've played every game from Generations 1 to 5, I hadn't really noticed until recently how there is a lack character drive from Gen 2 on Now I am in no way a Gen 1 enthusiast, I love R/B/Y but things change for a...
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    2 to go

    Hey guys, decided to do a new run on my White version, and i'm stuck as to how to finish up this team, I'm thinking I should get some Special attackers since I have Physical ones, but let me know what you think, y the way this is strictly for In game so the natures suck but whatevs, One other...
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    Blackthorn Rehash for Drayden?

    I was just thinking, there is no way that Drayden will never appear in the anime, technically he already has, but looking at the past no "closed" gym has ever stayed closed (Ex. Sunnyshore, Olivine) so I'm thinking somewhere down the line we'll see an Ash v Drayden battle, and I'm just wondering...
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    Rival a Jerk?

    Is it just me or does anyone else miss the Jerky Rivals from way back? when you play the Game now all the rivals are friendly and honorable and even help you out from time to time but for some reason I miss Blue from R/B/Y. you have this stuck up kid who always seems to be 3 steps ahead of...
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    When Counterparts Attack!

    Given Generation V's "back to the drawing board" style we see a lot of the new Pokemon as counterparts more or less of some of our old faves, I'm wondering who you guys think is better the Originals or the Counterparts Whos's Better? Timburr>Gurdurr>Conkeldurr or Machop?Machoke>Machamp...
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    In-Game Rituals

    This thread is specifically for those of us who have certain in game quirks that we always do, example I try to never train two of the same type, and I also tend to only use native region teams and only bring in old pokemon after the Elite 4 what are some of your quirks?
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    Thinking Out Loud

    Ok everyone is talking about Ash having 7 pokes and possibly a 8th somewhere down the line with Sandile Merchndise appearing and everyone is sort wondering what the writers are aiming at? and in looking at the Anime their following the trend of only Unova pokemon being in the region (save...
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    Ash's Isshu team?

    Stumbled across this preview (delete if already seen) and looks like Ash isnt wasting anytime getting Pokemon it looks like http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KGsCBvnVeAE Memapato ( as if we didnt know) and Mijimaru is shown protecting Pikachu and KIbago and in a Gym Battle so its gott be...
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    Another VS thread

    We've got some good line ups going on this season, both Ash and Dawns team are progressing nicely and have come a very long way, with that who do you think would win Ash vs Dawn no doubt Ash has some good moves but i think Pachi and Buneary can take out Buizel and Gible, and I believe...
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    I wonder?

    Ok as of Dp 155 we found out Paul has 8 badges, his last badge was from Byron in canalave, and we know he's beaten Fantina, Roark, Candice, Maylene, and we assume Crasher Wake so that's most of the sinnoh gym leaders excluding Gardenia and volkner So I'm wondering did Paul actually battle...
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    Another What If Thread

    Everyone has their own Idea of what Might happen at the League. Well I was reading a Thread that asked about Pauls Rivals and what if the appeared at the league, But then I thought what if Ash's rival's appeared? The Sinnoh League is supopose to be the Crown Jewel of the entire Region, where...
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    So.... Who Is Right?

    After almost 3 years of Ash preaching "It's better to be friends with Pokemon" he still hasn't managed to prove it, and with the conclusion of DP 132 and the Summary from DP 133 this is loss numero tres to Paul, and this one is in really bad fashion So the Question on my mind is..... Was...
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    A Rematch to Remember

    With all the Talk of Pual and Brandon's Match, and the comparisons to Ash's match with King I've been think do you think Ask could beat Brandon again in a rematch? I mean a Legit match with none of that DEM crap this time, and against all 3 regi's I Believe he could pull off a very...
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    Dare to Compare

    Ok this has nothing to do with Mamoswine and Charizard, Or Bastiodon and Grotle This is just my 2 cents from D/P 106, In the episode I noticed that Ash had Chimchar and Grotle battling each other, trying to build Grotle's Defenses. Now at one Point Chimchar kinda rolled over Grotle with Flame...