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    Pokemon Mystery Dungeon : FrostBite

    Hello this is my first Fan-fic and i hope you enjoy it, don't be afraid to tell me if there are any problems. Warning my story may contain cannibalism (eating other Pokemon) Prologue “Hello,” said a soft voice, “Where am I? Who are you?” I asked, “My world is in danger and you are the only one...
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    Journey in the Delta Region [G]

    Link to the sign up thread here Hi this is my first RPG! Once i get a person to sign up i shall Start with the first log. Kenny walked out of the local sweets shop in with 5 bags of sweets, "MUNCHLAX!" Munch yelled "Ok heres your half," Kenny replied while passing Munchlax 4...
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    Journey in the Delta Region [G] Sign Up

    All the info here can be found on the actual page Exept the sign up form. This is a pokemon rpg Will have a Max of 25 characters. This is your sign up form, please be as detail as possible, your character doesn't need to be human, you can be a pokemon, If you're a pokemon Name: Age...
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    Victini Egg Shop

    Victini's egg shop! Welcome to Victini's Egg Shop where we are guaranteed to give you a pokemon of your request from the list below, unless stated. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------...