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    Considering buying a 3DS, but have concerns.

    I haven't bought a Pokemon game since Pokemon Pearl (I currently have a DS Lite) and I want to get back into it, to do this I am hoping to buy a 3DS, Pokemon HG/SS and Pokemon B/W but I have some concerns: My router has it's security set as WPA and I know my DS Lite couldn't connect to this...
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    Team Help Needed!

    Ok, so I haven't played pokemon or been on these forums for about 3 years. I just found my Pokemon pearl and loaded it up and found my favourite team that I have. Please suggest changes etc. as I need a lot of help! Salamence Gentle @Draco Plate Intimidate Double Edge Dragon Claw Fire...
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    Returning to the Pokemon scene - Team Help

    So, I haven't played Pokemon for about 2 years and I just ordered SS and pre-ordered Pokemon Black. I was wondering if you could give me any tips to dive right back into the game. I was wondering what Pokemon you would recommend me to use, what moves I should teach them and any other tips...
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    Family Ski Help!

    Sorry if wrong forum Anyway, Well I have Family Ski for Wii and was wondering; if you play 2 player with someone can one use Remote+Nunchuck+Board or do you both have to use Remote+Nunchuck? Ty In Advance B3an0b0y|y0b0na3B
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    Versi - Region

    This Is a little spriting region i've thought of, it is Called Versi. I did not make the sprites in the first town. [/SPOILER] [FONT="Arial Black"]|Critiscism only please| Thanks, B3an0b0y
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    Ok So i want the name Tommy but somebody already has it how long does it have to be until they get "Pruned"(deleted)?.....
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    B.Bs Maps

    Ye a rip off of Tyranitar trainer but hey i made my own city it has no name yet.... (Please suggest a name) Made A New Version credit kyledove....
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    Which Form?

    Which Form Of Deoxys do you think is best? Attack Defense Speed Normal...
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    Umm Infractions...

    Ok ages ago i got banned for my points.. But it all says they're expired so i'm wondering why do i still have 19 points?
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    A few of my Fanart!

    I know there not that good but here you are: Yes the salamence is dodgy... and the Glalie ;362;...... Fanart 1 Fanart 2 Fanart 3 Fanart 4 more coming soon!
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    A Mario Kart DS Question

    My Questions : 1.Are the best NORMAL Car With the best Stats. 2.And Also what is the best Other Car Because of Stats. Who ever answers this Question I will Be greatly thankful. New Question!!! Dry Bones bomber or Poltourgust 3000? Thanks, B3an0b0y
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    Making Video's help!!

    Ok I downloaded Snagit I've recorded the stuff i need but the only format is .snag and I want to edit onto Windows Movie Maker... But it is not a valid format! Does anyone no how i can switch it? So It's able to be put in so it's still a video clip?!?!
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    Where do I Download....

    Ok. I want to download a piece of software which is like a video camera on the PC..... Like you can record what your doing WITHOUT Having to save it onto your video camera/Uploading it. Sort of like a spy. It records what your doing like takes a video.... Any Ideas?
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    Shiny Ditto Question!

    OK What is the Ratio (percentage) of getting a Shiny ditto in Desert Underpass in Emerald?? Is it like 1 in a Million or 0.25% chance or something! LPease give me the answer here!!!
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    Team Magma's Escape!!!

    This Is my first comic! Please give constuctive critiscm, Not HARSH comments. I will make new comics soon.... I Will Try to make a New Comic Every day. There will be at Least 4 a Week Characters: Magma Grunts/ Boss first seen in episode 1 Policemen First seen in episode 1 Aqua...
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    Ye Olde Coventry Shoppe!!

    Guess what? I'm Back! Yeahs I had a look at the tutorials and i came up with a NEW shop!!! Rules!!! No Spamming Read The Rules Use the Forms provided! No advertsing other things All The serrebii ones Read the Rules again So I know you've read the rules type in with your...
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    Ok I'm At The bit In Colosseum after you've seen Mirror B in the Building upstairs which in XD is ONBS I don't know what to do now. I'm supposed to go to Pyrite Colosseum and compete and win but there is always one already going on! Please help me! :)
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    Funny Video!

    Ok I didn't know where to put this I though of Putting it in Miscelanious discussion entertainment. If it is supposed to be there sorry! Anyway here it is: http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=2807347009315039035 Comment Please!
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    Should I buy Mario Kart DS

    My mum said if i do all my jobs for Lent She Would buy me a game so I thought pokemon Ranegr but then My Friend said he would get it and supply me with one so i Said ok. A few of my m8s have MarioKart so should I get it It is currently between Mario Kart DS and Pokemon Ranger.
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    The Tyranitar And Pre-Evo's Club!

    I wanted to start a club so I searched for a club On Tyranitar club but couldn't find one so i started this one! Even though bonsly is my Bishie! Sorry if there is one. :p So The Rules are. No.1 No spamming No.2 No dissing Larvitar/Pupitar/Tyranitar! No.3 All of the Serrebii ones. :p Ask me...