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    Illinois Pre-Releases; May 5th. Locations? Oswego, IL?

    I went to a Plainfield one today.. it was enjoyable, heard someone mention tomorrow there is one in Oswego, IL.. but I didn't get to hear where and when. Can anyone confirm this? can't find information anywhere, and hoping maybe someone knows. Thanks in advance.
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    Pre Release of Plasma Freeze this Saturday; questions

    My league is doing the pre release Saturday. It'll cost $30 to participate. I have no connection to the people to ask why it's $30. So I was hoping someone here could tell me. What does the $30 pay for and include. Is it worth it?
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    If Our World Instantly Became A World Full Of Pokemon...

    1. How long do you honestly believe our society, etc would last before it became pure chaos? Why? 2. Which Pokemon(s) would be the most sought after for protection or to be the best partners to use in a world full of Pokemon. ex: no one would think to use a Dunsparce as a reliable partner...
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    Went To League For The First Time

    Was enjoyable. Not many of them had pieces of the Blast/Keldeo deck that I could benefit from, but it was enjoyable to actually trade with physical beings. My Darkrai's, Patches, Claws, holos, EXs, and other worthwhile cards were big hits.. making people instantly flock to me trying to get...
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    Marvel: War of Heroes | iOS/Android app

    Pretty epic and fun. Free download. Collect Marvel cards, battle vs others with app from across the world, collect, go on missions, etc. Should definitely give it a try. There's a code to use after the tutorial that gives you a good Rare card to start with and a lot of money. So when you...
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    My Soul Silver Team, Need Help

    So far I have [most from PokeWalker] Just beat the 2nd gym.. so as you can see.. I have a long way to go.. and plenty of pokemon available down the line. Which Pokemon seem like a waste or needs removing? all pokemon have good natures.. so that isn't an issue.. but i dont want to...