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    PARODY Pikachu gets a visit from Ash

    I dunno where to put it, but I thought it was hilarious and it deserves a thread of its own http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YAwkkbrPF3E here it is :p :D
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    Are Cilan and Iris the best sidekicks ever??

    Now, we got rid of the co-stars. Ash is the lone star of the show *gunshots* But are we watching the show because of him or because of Iris and/or Cilan. I mean Cilan is fabulous *double gunshots* and Iris is hilarious. What to u think?? I know it's too early to judge BUT it looks too...
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    And the running gag continues....

    And so, Ash has ONCE AGAIN evolve his flying type. AGAIN giving more reasons why bw is NOT a reboot. So, can we say now that the flying type will ALWAYS evolve first??
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    Could Ash face N face-to-face in the Plasma arc???

    N has been a trending topic in serebii today. BUT, I think it would make BW EVEN MORE epic-er if he and ash face off. Any thoughts?? What do you think about this scenario??
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    Could Ash leave after BW, even if he's the icon?

    Staples aside, I think the writers would be total geniuses if they bring in a new main character and let Ash be a recurring one. I can still see him after BW, but I want your thoughts. What do you think??? Will he stay, or will he go??
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    Why do you think Iris has become popular already??

    Alright, BW is shaping up to be the best saga ever. One of the reasons is Iris being Iris. She's hilarious, she's the DW Read look it up of Pokemon. I'll raise my hand to answer this question. So, what do you think??
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    Will Dawn get a cameo in BW??

    If there's anything else that would complete BW is to give the precedesors a cameo. I think if Misty got it in AG, May got it in DP, Dawn should get one in BW, whether or not in da Unova region is a real mystery What do you think??
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    Will they be a filler arc in BW??

    Alright, where are we now? Around 20 eppys?? Well, ash has 2 badges 20 eppys in. I don't remember Ash having 2 badges 20 eppys in ever since OS. SO, will they be a filler-arc in BW?? Whether its BF or [insert name here] Islands??
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    Will TPCi keep the title "Best Wishes"?

    They already changed Isshu to Unova Could Best Wishes face the same fate as I think they might change it to something catchier. What do you think?
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    Do you think TR will be written out after BW??

    As BW TR looks promising, it makes me wonder. Could it be their finale in the main cast?? I've never seen them act like this ever since OS002. AND THATS A LONG TIME So what do you think??
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    Will Paul get his cameo in BW??

    GAry got his cameo in AG Ritchie got his cameo(s) in Johto I mean, this guy was the best rival a show can ever get (well, except for Kaiba from YGO). He did what Gary couldn't. And if this guy don't get a cameo, then its a SHAME
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    Not even 10 eppys in, and people already hates the new trio

    There, I said it. What more do you want? This trio haven't even made it to the 10th eppy and the haters starts to hate. I always hated the Ash-Dawn-Brock trio. I gave it 2 seasons to develop and it turns to garbage. No interactions between Dawn-Brock. This new trio will be better, yes?
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    Hello folks, I'm a (former) loyal Pokemon watcher. You can call me Yanks if you plz.
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    Hello folks, I'm a (former) loyal Pokemon watcher. You can call me Yanks if you plz.