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  1. Z

    Who has beaten Red?

    I beat him with a level 69 Feraligatr, a level 37 Shuckle, a level 42 Lugia, and a level 5 Togepi... I don't know HOW, as their movesets all sucked...
  2. Z

    Ever had an anime-esque moment in-game?

    I finished it off with false swipe! I was battling Gardenia and my Combee was on low health. She had her last Pokemon, Roserade, and I had my last one as well. Luckily, I somehow managed to knock it out. Then, Combee evolves. It's not very epic...
  3. Z

    Official Pokémon Colosseum & XD: Gale of Darkness Recent Happenings Thread V2

    I just got all the shadow Pokemon purified! I love having a Lugia and Dragonite with out much effort!
  4. Z

    What Pokemon do you use for Battle Hall?

    My awesome Houndour named "Shinigami."
  5. Z

    Naruto Shippuden to be on Disney XD Channel

    CN is now pretty much a heap of trash. Also, it amused me when Sasuke jumps down and Sakura's like "Why did he do that?" XD Silly TV censorship.
  6. Z

    any coincidences in pokemon?

    I was explaining shiny Pokemon to my cousin while he was playing Pearl. While I'm talking, he finds a shiny Girafarig. He also tells me he had found a shiny Zubat but didn't know what it was. Luckily, my cousin was veeeeeery generous and gave both of them to me! In Emerald, I was trying to...
  7. Z

    Halloween Thread

    Last year I was L from Death Note so this year I'll be... That. Halloween gives me an excuse to do bad cosplay. :)
  8. Z

    Darkrai Nicknames?

    Shadow... because he has the same color scheme as Shadow the Hedgehog. I'm usually creative but I wasn't with Darkrai's nickname.
  9. Z

    Best Opening

    Wow, nobody has posted the opening theme for Cowboy Bebop?! That's just sad. IT HAS THE GREATEST ANIME SOUNDTRACK EVER. Tank!-The Seatbelts This opening is in RUSSIAN!!!! That's just AWESOME!!!! Rise-Yoko Kanno, Origa, & Tim Jensen The anime is in my banner. It's opening is the only rap...
  10. Z

    How old were you and where are you now?

    I watched the show as a 4-year-old and when I bought a gameboy color, I learned about the games. I just started eighth grade.
  11. Z

    Did You Ever Really Use Zigzagoon/Linoone?

    I tried to use my shiny one to do something... but it always kept failing.
  12. Z

    Funny Pokemon experiences?

    My experience is happening right now. I just got the membership key event or whatever for Darkrai and immediately rush to the hotel. Now I'm stuck with a team of high-leveled Pokemon and 151 Poke Balls via getting Premier Balls. The only move I have to give it a status condition is Toxic...
  13. Z

    Teachers that suck.

    I had a teacher in 6th grade who was OBSESSED with calculators. We only had like three VERY EASY mental math problems everyday. She was half-science half-math teacher and knew nothing about math. The only reason she became a teacher is because she failed getting a degree geology due to have a...
  14. Z

    My Drawings

    Oh,sorry. :P Well sometimes there a little too flat and sometimes they're too pointy. In the Avatar picture Aang's head is fine but everyone else's are not. The brother picture has a seriously messed up head. In fact, all your digital pictures aren't that good. I think you do much better on...
  15. Z

    ~*~Rate how well known the above user is. [IV]~*~

    Never seen you. =P 0/10
  16. Z

    On you first run through of GSC, what was your elite 4 team?

    Feraligatr Lv 50-ish Lugia Lv 42 Shuckle Lv 36 Togepi Lv 5 ? ? Hooray for single runs while being a naive child who skips every trainer possible!! EDIT: Just remembered Feraligatr's moves: Dynamic Punch Hydro Pump Icy Wind Surf Wow, I can't believe I also beat Red with the exact same moveset...
  17. Z

    Favorite 2nd Gen Fire Pokémon

    Entei because it always looked so wise and knowledgeable to me.
  18. Z

    What Changes Would You Make to the Type vs. Type Chart?

    Electric affects rock types... Anyways, the fighting type doesn't necessarily involve US AVERAGE HUMANS preforming the moves. IT INVOLVES CREATURES WITH MAGICAL POWERS. POKEMON. The fighting types are much more skilled in strength than we are. So, if you think about it, a powered up...
  19. Z

    My Drawings

    I would say to work on heads a little bit as some of them are a bit unnatural. Other than that, every thing else is pretty good. :)
  20. Z

    What Changes Would You Make to the Type vs. Type Chart?

    Because dragons are too strong against each other?