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    What scene in TV/movies/books makes you laugh until you cry?

    Fairly self explanatory I would think
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    Quentin Tarantino planning a romantic comedy?

    Yes, I saw this on Perez. He says he feels like he could bring something new to the genre, and claims that True Romance was actually supposed to be romantic. My personal reaction is what the f*ck, but it has potential
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    Infamous Members of Years Past

    Since this section is so excruciatingly boring these days, I wanna start a topic that could potentially be fun for once. Remember people who are sort of legendary in a bad way, though please avoid posting about anyone whose still active to avoid flamewars. And Profesco, if you see this, reach...
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    George Lucas's Animated Faerie Musical With The Guy Who Did The Ninja Turtles Movie

    I wish this title was a joke, but I regret to inform you it actually isn't Here is the link. Read it and weep
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    Addicted to Stephen King

    If you know that you should beware of Dandelo, try to stay away from sewers, the Antichrist will in fact be wander around Nevada wearing a pin that has a smiley face with a bullet hole in the forehead, have always sort of wanted to live in Sara Laughs, try to be wary around the wierd girl in...
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    Winchester Bros., Inc.

    Whether you frequently pour salt under your door, inconspicuously cough Christo whenever someone is acting strange, or jump and yell at hallucinations in hopes you can scare them into knowing they're dead, I feel you. I also know that all angels look vaguely like tax attorneys and still get...
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    Gpd Faq

    *APPROVED BY SAPPHIRE L* So I've noticed a lot of repeat topics, spam, common questions and general messiness in GPD. I figured a lot of this could be alleviated by answering some questions that seem to pop up frequently, so since I am not a mod I PM'd Sapphire L. She contacted the sections...
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    What would "real Pokemon" look like?

    The reason I created this thread is because I know theres quite a bit of "Real Pokemon" art floating around the web. Two examples that come to mind are the photoshopped pics and that DA website with the girl who draws realistic Pokemon. If anyone has the links to those or others that would be cool
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    Which tier do you prefer to play?

    If you ever battle competitively, even just for fun, which tier do you prefer? I'll break it down for you if you're not sure about the tiers Uber Pokemon that are banned from regular play due to being too strong. It includes the real heavyweights such as Mewtwo, Lugia, Groudon and Arceus...
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    I has returned (take 2)

    Yes so I have returned again. My first return didn't end up happening, but I can never fully resist the pull of SPPF. I'm hoping everyone I remember (Josh, Gravy, Cybercubed, V Faction, the guy with the huge vocabulary whose name I forget, JoJo, Ratio Light, Alfonso, Phantom Bugsy, Sunkern and...
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    I'm not technically "new" but...

    Its been so long I figured I would be allowed here. I kinda missed you guys so here I am! I won't be here as much as I used to be, but I'll still check in every day and stuff. I particularly want to say hi to CyberCubed, Gravy and JoJo cause for some reason your the three people I thought of...
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    9 (Preview, PG, Horror)

    Alright, this is the prologue to a fic I'm working on. Its based on an ancient Japanese legend, and I added my own twist. Remember this is a rough draft, so it won't be perfect. I'm not the best with description but I feel like I have good plots and characters (don't expect much out of Shigeru...
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    Blood Is Thicker Then Water (PG-13 for violence)

    I fidgeted a little. The uniform felt out of place on me. The blue bandanna clashed with my firey orange hair. The whole ensemble felt like it didn’t fit my athletic frame. Of course I knew better. My father had fitted it for me. Being a part of the family I was, I had to wear it. I suppose...
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    Hell Is White (one-shot, PG-13ish)

    ~This is a decidedly offbeat oneshot I decided to write. My writing isn't bad, so please take the time to read it. Be warned though, its different~ The first thing I noticed was the color white. It was all around me. White sheets. Blinding white lights. White walls. I had always seen that...
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    Favorite NU?

    I figured since the 00bers, legendaries, borderline legendaries, and even UUs get their own polls on this NUs might as well too. So whats your favorite pokemon that quite bluntly kind of sucks? I have to go with Togetic. Outside of the evil one on the anime that leeched Misty's life energy...
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    Sky Pillar Issue

    I desperately need to find the Sky Pillar, but I find it incredibly hard. I've tried every ocean route in Hoenn but I just can't find it. Where the hell is it? A map or something would be lovely
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    Pokemon that are shown too much hate?

    I don't mean Dewgong, Pinsir, or Mighteyena and that kind of thing before you three get started. I mean pokemon that are considered so "overrated" that its trendy to hate them. The pokemon that people are really irrational and ridiculous about. The pokemon that are so supposedly overrated that...
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    The Ash Poll

    Well since May has a poll, I figure the star of the show should have one too. Now, Ash is the most popular character on the show as well as the second most bashed (next to Max). I figured we could tally what people really think of Ash. Is he a crap trainer? Your favorite character ever? Do you...
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    Stuck on Emerald

    I figured I'd put this in the question forum just to be safe. I finished the Magma hideout and saw them take the sub from Slateport, but Lilycove hasn't cleared up and I can't get to Aquas hideout. I dont know how to move on with the game and get the hideout open. Does anyone know?
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    Berry Master

    Are the berries he gives you picked randomly from a list of berries he hands out, or do they have something to do with your lead pokemon or something? Just curious