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    ~ Official Rotom Forms Discussion ~ All Formes Revealed~!

    Well, jumping in the cut forme bandwagon here. I mean, that thing is just all sorts of awesome. anyways, it's face reminds me of some radiohead logo or stuff
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    Well, Rampardos with Focus Sash, Stone Polish and Endeavor works kinda nice, but yeah. It hits hard but poor defenses and all doesn't etc.
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    What Pokemon moves can you do?

    this seems fun! Hail Cosmic Power Teleport Wing Attack Magnet Rise Dark Void Memento Crabhammer Dragon Pulse Aura Sphere Ominous Wind Ingrain Conversion 2 Tri Attack Acid Armor Power Gem And that's it!
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    Why do so many serebiis think hacking is a disgraceful act?

    Well, about the trading, I don't know whats the point about that. I mean, if you hacked a great pokemon just to trade it for another one, then hack the one that you want and that's it! So, my theory is that the dudes who hack pokemons for trades just want to make people happy. Think about it...
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    Ever caught a Shiny without PokeRadar?

    In other games: Yes, I catched a shiny caterpie and 2 shiny nidorinas in Cristal. In D/P: No
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    Pokemon Topaz Story

    Don't worry Solidus, you are beautifull the way you are.
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    Gyarados or Milotic?

    Gyarados: Why: -Dragon Dance -Physical Waterfall -Ice Fang -Stone Edge -125 Base Atk
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    Starting Over. Again.

    Well, Im kinda lazy to restart, but I did this once in Cristal and it worked... a bit. 1)Get a lvl5 pokemon (I used a Squirtle) 2)Give your mom all the money you have 3)Get rid of all the items (put them in the PC or sell them) 1)Just keep 5 pokeballs, a couple of potions and $3000 23)Go back...
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    whos cooler-arceus or mewtwo?

    I my opinion Creepy Goat > Creepy Clone
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    Your Pet(s) Moveset(s)

    Flopy (Dog) Rest Yawn Covet Defense Curl Tomás (Dog) Bite Block Howl Rage All the spiders that I have in my bedroom (Spiders =D) Spider Web String Shot Minimize Montes de Oca (The imortal rat that never dies no matter how many times I try to kill) Torment Endure Lucky...
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    How did you get interested in Pokemon!

    I was discovering RPGs (only played FFs and DQ at the time) and I heard about some cool RPG for the game boy with a lot of characters and attacks and stuff. I was like "WOOO"
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    First impression on pokemon games.

    R/B/Y - Red. I was like 10 or something and I didn't know what pokemon was. So I was like "Oh, is like Final fantasy with lots of characters" G/S/C - I was like "WOOOO COLORS". I still play my crystal. R/S/E - My first impression: Slow. Then, It was kinda fun, the improvements and all. D/P -...
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    Ehhmm... wasn't the name "Platinumdfls"? Yeah, so im going to do the same. I didn't lost my game, I just got bored. Wait until Platietc comes out. Or play minesweeper.
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    It's Nintendo's way of telling you to go outside and buy another game.
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    Check under the bed, or in the kitchen, with the candlestick
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    Pokemon Guitar Tabs

    This is what I do with most VG tabs 1-Download the midi 2-Get Power Tab (some sort of stuff for tabs) 3-Install it 4-Import the midi to PT 5-blablabla 6-Enjoy!
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    1st and 2nd generations, or 3rd and 4th generations?

    Well, for me, the third and fourth generation games are kinda boring or slow. I mean, I beated the E4 in Ruby, Emerald and Diamond and then I tried to keep playing, but... well, I don't know, the whole game just seems slow. I still play my old Cristal. For me, is just fun. okey so, yeah, who cares
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    Is it just me or do ninjas rock

    OMG! NINJAS ARE SOOO SWEEEET! Ninjas can kill anyone they want! They cut off heads ALL the time and don't even think twice about it. My friend Mark said that he saw a ninja totally uppercut some kid just because the kid opened a window. Okey so yeah. We need more ninjas in pokemon.
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    Have you ever...

    I always use Smokescreen inside the house (I smoke)
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    I Need Help Please !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    mhhhh... What's so special about your pokemon? I mean, it doesn't matter if you loved your Meganium. If you hack your game to get the exact same pokemon, with the same lvl, attacks, and etc., it isn't the same pokemon you used back in G/S/C. So... well, I don't know: -Keep playing Pokemon...