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    Three Wishes

    Um...This is my first fanfic I actually put some thought into. I used to write some, but that was a few years ago, in which I was not good with proper grammar and such. Now, though, I worked on this, with the help of a good friend of mine, Ivyon helping with advice and how to go about writing...
  2. Z

    New Info

    New Info on Pokemon.com Has about Cherrim, Pachirisu, and Drapion.
  3. Z

    The Shiny Pokemon Lovers Club

    Welcome to The Shiny Pokemon Lovers Club! Rules: 1. Any one is allowed to accept members. 2. USE PROPER LANGUAGE! This means use proper grammar. If your post is one big run-on sentence or your post is incomprehensible, it's SPAM! 3. Only Co-owners or Owner may give strikes. Three and you...
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    GBA to Colo/XD

    For people to trade from Colo/XD to a GBA Game, can you use a regualr GBA Link Cable? I never tried it so I don't know ^^;
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    Catching Question

    If you catch groudon, will it have any Ev's when you catch it?
  6. Z

    Your Animal Crossing: Wild World Recent Happenings!

    I haven't seen a thread on this when I searched, so I decdied to make one! This thread is for people who play Animal Crossing: WW, and tell us what you have done in your game recently! Well, I actually forgot I had this game, =O, and my town is a huge wreck. In a little while, I am gonna...
  7. Z

    EV's, IV's Question

    I am not sure if this the right section or not, if it is not, please move. I have one question, which is more important? Because when I get to the BF, I ain't sure have IV's work, but I know how EV's work. Do you not really need IV's?
  8. Z

    When do you hope Mysterious Dungeon comes out in America?

    When do you think/hope it will come out, I hope atleast by March 2006, but maybe not...
  9. Z

    Level Up

    How do you level up besides like boss battles? I know it sounds noobish, but I haven't seen anything on it... EDIT: Found it on Serebii.net, mod close please thanks!
  10. Z

    Your Recent Mysterious Dungeon Red/Blue Happenings!

    Here you report what just happened in your file on either Red or Blue! I noticed some people had the game, so I decided to make a thread for it!