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    The End of Hannah Montana? My Faith in the World is Regained.

    Praise Hojo, it's ending! The sad truth: Hannah Montana makes more money than you, and she's not even real.
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    Hogwarts’ secret

    ~Ethan Richards, student~ Ethan listened to the problems concerning the Maurader's Map. He turned to start his investigation when the house-elf spoke. "Doesn't matter, we're not going to find him," it said. Ethan glared at the creature. "Not with that attitude we're not," he replied...
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    Hogwarts’ secret

    ~Ethan Richards, student~ Ethan chose to ignore the house-elf when the professor began to talk. Ethan nodded in agreement with everything that Professor Avias said. When the professor finished talking, Ethan stood up. "Where would you like me to start, Professor?" Ethan asked. He hoped...
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    Hogwarts’ secret

    ~Ethan Richards, student~ Ethan glanced down at the house-elf that was glaring evily at him. Ethan raised one eyebrow in wonder at the elf and sat down in a chair next to him. Ethan twirled his wand in his hands before speaking up. "Um, excuse me, uh....Mr. House-elf. Is there a reason...
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    Hogwarts’ secret

    ~Ethan Richards, student~ Ethan walked out of the Ravenclaw commonroom and passed his least favorite painting in the school. The little witch inside it yelled at him to cut his hair and straighten his back. Ethan ignored it and went to the Defense Against the Dark Arts Floor. He went to...
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    The Best (and sometimes worst) of Pixar

    My favorite is The Incredibles. Least favorite: Toy Story 2. It just seemed to try too hard.
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    Most-Forgotten-About Pokemon Game

    Hey, you! Pikachu!
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    Most unoriginal team names.

    PMD1: Team Strike. I wanted Strike Force, but didn't fit. It sounds so weird. PMD2: Team Ragnarok. Cookie to who gets it.
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    Most unoriginal team names.

    PMD1: Team Strike. I wanted Strike Force, but didn't fit. It sounds so weird. PMD2: Team Ragnarok. Cookie to who gets it.
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    Stinky Sequels

    Daddy Day Camp. Daddy Day Care had it's moments, granted not the best movie out there but still good. The sequel got a whole new cast of the main characters from the first and kept the same names. Why not just have the new people be like the next generation of daddies running the day care?
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    New legendary pokemon locations

    Jirachi can be found deep in a cave, much like it did in the movie. Heatran can be found in or near a volcano. The same applies to Groudon.
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    Movies you are just SICK of hearing about

    Fight Club and Deliverance. My friend won't shut up about the latter.
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    Family Guy gets a spin-off

    Let's see here: 1. Cleveland is by far the less popular character in the show. 2. His neighbors are BEARS! 3. The Cleveland family is exactly the Griffin family, just a different race. I smell a flop on the horizon.
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    The Pet's Names Thread

    Dead: Kevin the cat Hobbes the cat Princess the cat Peaches the cat Gus the hamster Speedy the minnow Sleepy-head the minnow Jill the frog Tiger the fish ???: Tootleloose, Ferdio, Scooby, and Scrappy the cats (gave them away as kittens, pretty sure they are dead) Living...
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    Which cartoons do you think should come back?

    Captain Planet to teach a new generation about pollution. Also, anyone up for some X-Men, be it the original or Evolution?
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    What pokemon would your pets be?

    Let's see, Cocoa the cat would be a Persian, C.C. the cat would be a Glameow, Fiyero the betta fish would be a Goldeen, and Boq the betta fish would be a Finneon.
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    Hogwarts’ secret

    Name: Ethan Richards Age: 17 Gender: Male Species: Human Occupation or Year: 7th year Appearance: Ethan is a tall boy, standing at an even six feet tall, with straw-colored hair that covers his ears. He has the body of an athlete and is popular in his house. He has light colored...
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    Super Size Me - Blame McDonalds for making you all fat!

    We watched this in Health Class, which seems to be the common place to watch it. It really put things into perspective and scared me from eating fast food for the longest time...
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    Official Signature Check Thread

    sig check please.
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    ***The Fan-Art Open Request Thread***

    Thanks a lot, it looks great!