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    Pokemon Soul Silver/ Heart Gold?

    Nothing to complain about! It's a remake, there isn't that much they could mess up. I really liked the pokemon-following-you aspect, I don't understand why they didn't decide to add the feature to Pokemon Black and White. Pokeathlon > Contests/Musicals
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    Hilbert/Hilda is the new "Ash".

    .___. well that was an exciting theory - but really, all the protagonists in the games are practically the same aside from aesthetics. I mean, they don't even talk!
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    Light Types Discussion

    No thanks. Type coverage is already annoying as it is (for me atleast :/)
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    Ask a Question Thread - READ FIRST POST

    Hi everyone! I am going to use a trick room sweeper (kingler) on my team, and so I have already given it 252 attack EVs. Kingler's defense stat is very good (115) while it's special defense stat is miserable (50). Since I don't need speed and have extra EV's for defenses, should I try to balance...
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    Do you multitask when you play Pokemon?

    Grinding/Breeding/EV training and etc. can be very repetitive and tedious so it's not a problem for me to use some other form of entertainment at the same time. I usually just rewatch episodes of something or watch a show I don't care that much about.
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    6th Generation Announced! Hopes? Fears?

    Well I'm still in the middle of training my new team that I have anticipated for a while :c so not a big fan of X and Y in the competitive sense as there may be new threats, but I suppose it's worth it for the awesome new gameplay >.<
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    Do you use your favourites?

    Generally, if you want to use favorites (it's true lots of my favorites are in the lower tiers) then you play in the lower tiers. Sadly, :c when I make a team, pokemon that work well together with my favorites end up being OU and I also have favorites in the OU tier. So yeah ... then I'm kinda...
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    Starter Speculation/Discussion Thread

    I guess fennekin looks cool, but I suppose I expect all first-evolution starters to be adorable c: so I'm going with Chespin. I guess I'm just not a big fan of a sleek foxes :c As for froakie, pretty average, hopefully the later evolutions will pay off.
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    New Gameplay Graphics Thread

    -Hi! I just wanted to say that I AM LOVING THE NEW BATTLE SCENES, the designers did a good job and the animation is very well done :) -As for the overworld, maybe it's just youtube, but some of the 3D locations don't look too sharp (mainly the desert area), and I will be playing this on the...