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  1. K

    Dinosaur King

    Dinosaur King premiered on 4Kids TV yesterday and every one's saying that it's an exact replica of Pokémon (not in a bad way). I watched the first episode and I thought it was awesome. Did any one else get to see it?
  2. K

    Plusle (Level 50)

    I need a MALE Plusle around level 50. No, not a shiny Plusle, just a regular one. I'd be willing to trade a Spiritomb egg (I'll put my Spiritomb in the trade room for proof that it's actually a Spiritomb egg) or a legit, shiny Spheal (level 45) for it. My friend code is in my trainer card. If...
  3. K

    English Surfing Pikachu

    As of late, I've really wanted a legit, Japanese Surfing Pikachu from the Pokemon Battle Revolution. Here are a list of my shinies (yes, they are legit) for trade: Shiny Ho-Oh (Level 70) Shiny Tentacruel (Level 100) Shiny Spheal (Level 45) If any one would be willing to trade with me...
  4. K

    Need: Shiny Riolu / Trading: Shiny Aggron (w/PKRS)

    I really need a shiny Riolu and I'd be willing to give up my level 42 shiny Aggron (w/PokeRus) for it. If any one's interested in trading, please message me in this thread. Thanks. Update: Some one has traded it to me. This can be locked.
  5. K

    Shiny Beautifly

    I have a shiny Beautifly (level 38). It's 100% legit. If you don't believe me, you can check for the little star in the stats. In return, I'd like some legendary, legit Pokemon. I'd prefer them untouched, but if they're around level 30, that's alright, too. Here's a quick list...