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    I'm outta here

    I'm finished with pokemon. I can't believe I actually joined a forum to discuss pokemon. Mods, just delete my account
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    What are the special cases in which double posting is allowed?

    have no idea what they are. Some help?
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    Should Extinct Animal Species be Revived?

    Scentists are on the process of reviving the wooly mammoth via cloning. Is this a good idea? Is it impossible? Debate and Discuss!
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    My White Team

    I beat the E4 and have the National Dex. This is my team: Samurott@Leftovers Timid (+spd, -atk) Torrent Surf Ice Beam Mega Horn Swords Dance Description: He is my starter, and his attacking stats are pretty good. It is lv 57. EVs: ??? Zekrom@Dragon Fang Gentle (I +def, -sp def...
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    Do you still recognize Pokemon by their Japanese names?

    I always think of Braviary as Wargle because I learned about Generation 5 with the Japanese names.
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    Is an Eco Friendly World on it's Way?

    Although we still have pollution, manufacturers of cars have decided to make cars more green. For instance, the Chevy Volt runs on electricity and a gas tank kicks in when it is low on power. So what do you think? Will the world be green anytime soon?
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    Soft Resetting for Shinies

    Lot's of people talk about SR. You can discuss your successful Soft Reset shinies here. But one question: how do you do it?
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    A great shooting game.

    On addictinggames.com, there is this game called Highway Pursuit 2. Basically, you shoot cops and helicopters to protect some robbers. This is the link. http://www.addictinggames.com/highway-pursuit-2-game.html
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    Why can't trainers battle Pokemon by themselves?

    Should trainers be able to battle Pokemon by themselves? I know that you have to have a pokemon to go into the "tall" grass. But why? Trainers should have four moves: Punch, Kick, Leer, and Take Down. It would and a weird element to the games....
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    The Wack Moveset Game

    Basically, you post a pokemon and its moves, and the next poster rates it. Here are the Rules: #1 No Magikarps #2 There must be four moves #3 Follow all Serebii rules #4 The Pokemon in question has to have access to all the moves you post. (I just added this so don't worry.) Typhlosion...
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    Do You use HM slaves?

    i do. Remember that HM slaves are only on your team for HM use. to list all of them, this is my complete list: Hoot-Hoot - Noctowl: SS, HM Fly Wooper: SS, HM Surf and Whirlpool Geodude - Graveler: Pt, HM Rock Smash, Rock Climb, Strength Buizel - Floatzel: Pt, HM Surf, Strength, Rock...
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    Review a Game, then post one you play a lot!

    Rules are in the title post a show you like to watch and rate the one picked by the poster before you Ben10 Protecter of Earth