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    Flying Type Team (FTT) [Black]

    In the past generations, I always used Pokémon of all types but lately I’ve been interested in building single type teams in order to make things a bit more interesting. For Platinum & SoulSilver I built two Water type teams that provided so much fun. This time I want to built a Flying type...
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    SoulSilver [Water-type] Team

    Just a little monotype team that I'm currently using. If you notice some gimmicks, good, it is meant to be and it just add to the fun of playing Pokémon. I have lost several times to Bugsy, Whitney, Morty, and Jasmine. Right now, I'm on my way to defeat Clair, so let see how it goes. I'm...
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    A rather gimmick team [SS RMT]

    I’m tired to see all these threads with the same Pokémon over and over. I’m also a very stubborn person and right now, I cannot decide on a final SS team that follows this idea: I want to make an interesting team that challenges me throughout the whole story, including the Elite 4 and Red. This...
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    The Freezing Weather Prevails [Semi-Competitive]

    Just got this team idea today, when looking at a Sandstorm team. It is very common to see Sandstorm teams around but, I'm not the one who likes to use them. So, I came up with a team I would really like to use against a Sandstorm team. Yep, a Hailstorm team. Let's get into descriptions...
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    A [Team] from the land, sea, and sky.

    So, I’ve been battling in the battle tower for a while now and yesterday I realized that… honestly… I suck at it, but still I'll keep doing it to get some good BPs. Today I put together these three Pokémon that I think will do well in the BT. Here they are…...
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    XIII Pieces d'Arte

    Follow all SPPF rules. Give credit, please. Use the forms. Provide high quality images - At least try. Make sure that you ask for permission before posting Fan Art. One request per person. Your image(s) must come from a direct source or from an image hosting service. There is a limit of...
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    No [Team] work, play time!

    Not much to say, I have some Favs Pokemon I have never used before and I will like to see them in action. I want to make this team special, like, be creative with it (if it's possible). Here is what came to my mind... -------------------- Ninetales @ (Wise Glasses) Flash Fire |...
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    SS Team

    Okay so, I already pre-order Pokémon SoulSilver (US) and I want to create a team that helps me go through the game smoothly… At first, I was building a team with EVs, IVs and competitive movesets but I realized that it’s better to begin with low level Pokémon in order to enjoy the story of a...