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    Running Through The Woods

    Thanks to the person who moved this! I appreciate it. Hi. This is my first story on Serebii.net. And, guess what/ it's not pokemon related! You heard me! In fact, it's going to be a simple one chapter story, which focuses on a teenage girl and her slightly older friend going camping. This is...
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    How Many Threads Have You Subscribed to on Serebii?

    Basically what the tilted says: How Many Threads Have You Subscribed to on Serebii? Less than 50? 50-100? I'm around 70, right now. What about you? I'm sorry if this is in the wrong place. I couldn't think of anywhere else to put it...
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    What would you think of 3D R/S remakes?

    As most fans of RS know, these two games are in serious needs of remakes. I have thought this over and wondered why-over ten years after their release-remakes have not been made yet. I believe it is because the remakes will be in 3D. With the announcement of X/Y, it's hard to think otherwise...
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    This will be my team for the upcoming International challenge:

    If this is in the wrong area of the forum, could someone please move it to where it's supposed to be? Regice (65 and counting): Zap Cannon Charge beam Lock On Ice Beam Gallade(31 and counting): Confusion Swords Dance Heal Pulse Magical Leaf Latias (75 and counting): Draco Meteor...