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    X & Y Recent Happenings Thread

    I decided to ev train an azumeril today. Thought I'd have to do some extra breading to get both aqua jet and belly drum. But I was looking in the pc, I already had female adamant aqua jet azumeril then saw poliwhirl with belly drum... female. Shifted over a box and found the male belly drum...
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    General Characters/Storyline Thread

    I loved the Looker post-game quests. Essential is so awesome. The new crime fighter of Lumiose City!
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    Super Training/EV/IV Thread

    Its all playing on making it resist or immune. Of course it needs support from other pokemon just like anything. But EV's could be invested in its survivability. Then with its obtaining immunities here and there it could maybe use leftovers. Another raised question would be the mechanics of...
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    The Kalos Dex Thread v2 [READ FIRST POST]

    Beldum cannot be taught anything. Kinda like Magikarp. You're best bet would be move tutoring as a Metang "if" a tutor even exists for Stealth Rock. But it looks like this is it so far. http://serebii.net/xy/movetutor.shtml
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    Super Training/EV/IV Thread

    This is a good full power special set for geninja. Ability giving STAB on everything is great. But consider this: Adamant expert belt 252 atk/ 252 Spd/ 4 Hp Shadow Sneak Power Up Punch water Shurikan Night slash Priority allows him to sneak in an attack for a type change before anyone else...
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    Super Training/EV/IV Thread

    I'd run it the same. Because he's already fragile, going full throttle with power and speed is more efficient. I love the idea of shadow sneak for against fighting types. *evil grin* I also had a hypothesis on how to figure out EVs given from the new pokemon which i noticed we don't have on the...
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    Super Training/EV/IV Thread

    Depends on the set. I'd max speed at 252 and max whichever attack stat you're using. Last 4 in hp. I'd also run moves that will give it some immunities to lots of types.
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    Official Black 2 & White 2 Help thread

    Is there a difference between the dream world pokemon found using black 2 and white 2 versus using black and white? Cause I don't look forward to putting in 30 more hours of dream world to get the points for rare pokemon in the newer game.
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    Moves used outside of battle

    That could be cool in that you could use moves that never miss on the wild pokes... or trainers too. play like a pro through the game.
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    Are you posting with DSI?

    Do you have a DSI and am posting with the browser? I am. B)
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    hello, you friended me!

    hello, you friended me!
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    The Shiny Pokemon Lovers Club

    I'm not going to lie. I don't like doing the whole soft reset thing. I use AR for the ones I could Soft Reset for. I know you all think thats cheating. But I only do that for the ones I could soft reset for. But I do have a quite a few total legit shineys. Good luck oddsok with the Spiritomb...
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    Will every Pokemon have an evolution?

    I personally highly dout it.
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    Changes to 4th Gen Competitive Battling NO GARCHOMP DISCUSSION!

    Crobat does seem like the best counter. Grass = .25%
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    Training: II VS III/IV

    If you make it in GSC then your not keeping with the times, you won't be able to use it.
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    Pokemon's life span

    They're dead from the start. You just call the soul with your ballz.
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    Toys R Us to give out level 50 Dragonites

    With my skill I could make one anyway. I never do those events anyway.
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    Restart or Keep

    I used to restart my game over and over, but now I like to keep my megafile. :)
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    Accuracy > Power

    I like when I have one of those rediculous moves and it just never decides to miss. I wasted my friend a few times like that. lol
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    Your stats?

    Hp:1 Atk:999 Def:1 Sp.atk:1 Sp.def:1 Spd:999 @ Focus Sash Ability:Magic Guard Flying because "I'm a pretty butterfly!"