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  1. J

    ey thanks electabuzz has been my favorite before elekid and electirive or electrive what ever it is.

    ey thanks electabuzz has been my favorite before elekid and electirive or electrive what ever it is.
  2. J

    Things that grind your gears!

    Rayquaza Kyogre and Groundon having health replenishing health
  3. J

    Dual Type Gym Leaders. Would you approve?

    Ah I don't know about that, not all Pokemon players are older so it will be harder for the little kids. I don't think it's right to do that to little kids either. Plus, I don't want more weaknesses for my Electabuzz. ;)
  4. J

    Do you play PTCGO?

    Seems fun, but I'm waiting for my own computer to do that, my Mom hates downloads.
  5. J

    Electric Type Fan Club

    Username: Jasonx816 Why do you want to join this Club: My favorite pokemon of all time is Electabuzz, he/she is a great pokemon to have strong, alright with speed, the works. He owns Red like no one I've seen before, and for that I love Electabuzz, I also like Raichu very useful to have, all in...
  6. J

    Dragon Club with a Twist

    I desire to become one with Dragon types. Serebii Username:Jasonx816 Why do I like Dragon Type Pokemon?: Strongest Type in the game Who is my favorite Dragon Type Pokemon?: Shelgon, misunderstood second evolution. I'd like to claim: Shelgon
  7. J

    But Would You Be A Trainer?

    It all depends what town you are born into, someone born into lets say, Goldenrod City, the chances of becoming a trainer, lets say is easier. As to someone in Snowpoint city who is not as likely. But I'd probably live along one pokemon in general.
  8. J

    Favorites Thread: POKEMON

    1. Who’s your favorite STARTER POKEMON? I'd be an Idiot if I didn't say Turtwig 2. Who’s your favorite LEGENDARY POKEMON? Celebi combo of cute and powerful 3. Who’s your favorite EEVEELUTION? Vaporeon, that kid is a walking power house 4. Who’s your favorite SHINY VERSION of a Pokemon? Zorua...
  9. J

    How many shinies you got?

    How many shinies you got?
  10. J

    Has anyone here ever been Anti-Pokemon before?

    I guess you could say I went backwards, I hated it when I was real young but as I got older I started to like it more. Now I can't stop playing. =D
  11. J

    Starter Speculation/Discussion Thread

    Here's what I want, Fennekin, Fire/Psychic Froakie, Water/Fighting Chespin, Grass/Dark That would be a new age of epicness, the only concern is the grass type's second type being strong against the fire type's.
  12. J

    Favorite Spot to Train?

    Outside Mt.Silver with a level 100 and a EXP. Share.