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    VGC 10 Discussion Thread

    thanks alot :D It's just that... I've started to evolve my pokemon (in competitive ways) not a long time ago... and training EVs and to lvl 100 takes a while :s All I wanted was to speed up things a little bit so I can start having battles... Any advice besides patience? xD peace!
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    VGC 10 Discussion Thread

    I don't know if anyone already asked about this, if anyone did, i'm sorry. I have some questions about the hacking detecting system and about how it works... The most important thing that I have to know is: if I used hacks for anything in the game that does not involve the pokemon that I'll use...
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    Best fossil poll

    aerodactyl is obiously the best (awesome speed). why would you include relicanth? There are alot of other ancient pokemons and they're not included in fossil pokemon!
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    Worst battle ever?

    fog and double team together... it's a pain!
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    Ese's Art Gallery

    wooow :o I'm a realy big fan of your art :D
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    VGC Sunny Day Team

    If your going on VGC I think your forgeting one thing: it's double battle. Your strategy is a bit slow (as you mentioned), and it's single battle style: u-turn and substitute are single battle moves. Focus on combo moves [like belly drum and psych up] or super stabs [like blizard or earthquake]...
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    happy birthday :D

    happy birthday :D
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    where can I get a dragon scale? PLZ HELP!

    you gotta catch a wild seadra that's holding one. :)
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    Ash's Strongest/Weakest Pokemon

    chrizard, kingler and maybe sceptile are their best pokemon! I mean, charizard beated articuno :D
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    Battle Frontier, Emerald or Platinum, which is best?

    platinium has this advantage, but emerald is so much better... battle factory is my favorite :D it rocks!
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    hacked pokemon

    So when you trade in GTS, that's a risk... too bad :/
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    Legendary and eggs.

    Noooo. lengedary are one of a kind, unique pokemon!! That would be terrible!
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    hacked pokemon

    I have a question: If someone hacked a pokemon and then trade that pokemon to another DS by GTS, is that pokemon ilegal in... let's say pokemon VGC (video game championship)?? Because it would be unfair since the guy who receives the pokemon may not know that the pokemon is hacked... peace ;)
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    Heya :D welcome to serebii forums, be sure to read the rules so you can have a good time here ;) peace!
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    I wouldn't say "unfair", but I realy understand how you feel... It was already told a milion times but it's just like that: You gotta be prepared :/ peace ;)
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    The Distortion World's OvErLoRd appeared!

    welcome to Serebii forums :D I like your team in the trainer card :P
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    pokemon movies

    Since their all awesome, and they're getting better and better it's hard to decide wich one is the best... what do you think? wich one is your favorite? Mine is The rise of darkrai :D
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    i don't get it o.O

    i don't get it o.O
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    EV checking question

    not realy, you can use web site to know you EV, you dont have to hack!