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    So I decided to make a sunny day team, woohoo! This is my first weather team, so tell me what you think! @focus sash Chlorophyll Hasty 252 Spe/212 Atk/44 Sp.A - Sunny Day - Fake Out - Explosion - Dark Pulse My lead. I saw this set on someone's RMT on smogon (forget who, sorry), and I really...
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    i'm a n00b so this team prob sux

    Hey, this is my first competitive battle team! It's probably going to be considered really bad, so please don't be too harsh :( @ leftovers Torrent Relaxed 252 HP/118 Def/126 Sp.D/12 Atk - Stealth rock - Earthquake - Waterfall - Roar Lead. Comes in, sets up stealth rock, then if...