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    Bonfire Night

    With Bonfire night fast approaching I was wondering what some of you have planned to do? I know that the majority of the time it tends to rain but that still doesn't stop me from going to see firework displays. In case any of you were wondering Bonfire night is celebrated on the 5th...
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    Ultimate Pokemon Gaming

    What would make the ultimate pokemon game in your opinion, would it consist of old elements of previous games or new ones or even both. In my personal opinion It would be like pokemon diamond but for a console such as the Wii. Now I know that pokemon is so successful do to being portable but...
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    Age comes with experience!

    Firstly let me start by saying even though this thread mentions Pokemon Battle Revolution and WFC it's information is regarding general thoughts and views of trainers about trainers pokemon, battle strategy and age spanning over a wide amount of pokemon games not just PBR. (I only stated this...
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    Pokemon moves from the TCG

    I was recently looking through my Pokemon card collection and realised that there are many moves that could implemented into future Pokemon games or the anime. Certain moves that I came across included a new fire attack 'Scorching Wind' which could be the fire equivalent of 'Fissure', 'Horn...
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    Pokemon RPG for Wii

    I'v heard rumours on the internet that a new pokemon rpg may be being developed for the Wii. Now I know it is just a rumour and may not be true, but if there is to be a new pokemon rpg I would greatly like to see a game similar to games on the DS like diamond, pearl etc. General thoughts ?
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    Ideas for new evolutions

    Although in the forth gen of pokemon there were quite a few new evo's, i think they cud do some more, for instance shuckle , that pokemon is in dire need of an evolution
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    Please Rate My Diamond Team

    Empoleon Ability: Torrent Hydro Pump Surf Drill Peck Ice Beam Luxray Ability: Intimidate Thunder Thunderbolt Crunch Iron Tail Drapion Ability: Battle Armor Poison Jab Crunch Shadow Ball Earthquake Lucario Ability: Steadfast Close Combat Aura Sphere Dragon Pulse Dark...