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  1. Everlasting

    Alan Rickman's Life in Pictures - Death at 69

    For those who did not know, the actor well known for his outstanding performances Alan Rickman died to cancer at the age of 69 today (January 14th). According to his relatives, he died surrounded by his loved ones; family and friends alike. It is such a disturbing news to hear today. Alan...
  2. Everlasting

    Should every Dragon type Pokémon be able to learn Flamethrower ?

    Should every Dragon type Pokémon be able to learn Flamethrower ? Simple question here. Dragons are known to be fire-breathing mythological creatures and to destroy villages by burning their enemies and everything around . To date, few Dragon type Pokémon can't learn the move Flamethrower in...
  3. Everlasting

    Will Gary come back in Unova ?

    I don't really know if it's the great place to this but I take a risk... Will Gary come back in Unova ? I was surprised to see how Gary is missing me. I thought he could appear to take news from Ash's Unova League participation when he calls the Professor Oak, but I was disapointed to see how...
  4. Everlasting

    Legendary are still unique ?

    Is Legendary Pokémon are unique after all this time ? I know, I'm not the first for posting this subject of thread. After asking myself, I went to a conclusion. In fact, Legendary Pokémon are supposely unique. Is it the case, after all this time ? Let me explain with examples. The most true...