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    RMT ... An Uncommon OU Team

    There´s so much time since the last pokemon team i posted in this page.... and there´s so much time i was away from pokemon games... but with B2/W2 i think there´s was my oportunity to give it a try.... this is my first B2 team... and yes, is not a wheater one... i am bored that the most of the...
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    Annoying Team -RMT-

    Hello friends... there was so much time that i can´t play pokemon because i was in exams period, but now i have more time :).. this time i´m introducing my last team and as the title said, this is an Annoying Team... without more introduction, there´s my team Gengar @Focus Sash Ability...
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    The Mighty Power of the Sturdy Shedinja! (triple battles)

    Hello... i was wondering how i can use shedinja properly in a competitive team and the first thing i think was how about a shendinja with sturdy?... its would be really annoying and can sweep entire team if they are unprepared... so, this is what i do... i find the form to give Sturdy on...
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    My New Trick Room Team

    Hello, i´m going to present my new trick room team... it can be use on singles and doubles and work well in both battle type... TEAM BUILDING THE TEAM Mesprit @Leftovers Ability: Levitate Quiet Nature Evs: 252 HP / 4 Def / 252 SAtk -Magic Coat -Ice Beam -Psyshock -Trick...
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    OU Singles Team -RMT-

    Hello, this is my first single battle team for the 5th gen... Ambipom @Normal Gem Ability: Technician Nature: Jolly Evs: Hp 4 / Atk 252 / Spe 252 -Fake Out -Acrobatics -Low Sweep -U-Turn Well, this is usually my lead... with the new moves, acrobatics and low sweep ambipom does...
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    Rotation Battle OU Sunny Day Team

    Hello... i recently start to make competitive teams for the 5th gen... this is my sunny day team... most of my pokemon have their dream world abilitie and i catch thats pokes using a japanese game and Blaziken was obtained in a lucky trade :) (i think xD)... Ninetails @ Focus Sash Ability...
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    OU Trick-Storm Team

    Hello... i´m new in this forum and i like to present my trick-storm team especially made for double battles... Bronzong (R2-D2) @Lum Berry/Leftovers Ability: Levitate Nature: Relaxed EVs 252 HP/160 Def/ 96 SpD Calm Mind Extrasensory Light Screen Trick Room Basically this is my lead...