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    My How times have changed

    How has the forum changed since you first arrived? And for members with Jan 04' joining dates when did you truly first arrive? I remember back when I got excited about us hitting ten-thousand members http://www.serebiiforums.com/showthread.php?t=119143 now we are at a hundred-thousand...
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    Had things gone differently

    What would have happened had the shows come first and the games were based off that instead of the other way around, would anything have changed. How would the anime be different? How would the games be different? ;025;
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    Stamina The energy and strength for continuing to do something over a long period of time ; power of sustained exertion, or resistance to hardship, illness etc. OK, now that the proper definition is set do you think stamina exists in the anime and more importantly to what extant? In the games...
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    Avatar Index

    Due to the fact that Search Engine for Avatars is unlikely, I have gone library old-school and created an index. For this moment it only has Ruby/ Sapphire Sprites, as time goes by I will add more and buff out the rough spots. It is pretty self-explanatory. Scroll down to Pokemon you want and it...
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    If you could choose Ash's travel mates.

    Since the death of my last thread with the same title much has happened in the anime. Dawn has entered our lives, Sinnoh is proving to be one if not thee best series in Pokemon history. Brock has had some episodes centered around him. So is your choice and why? Brock- Helpful in keeping...
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    Will digital transition effect the show?

    As we all know in countries across the globe they are stopping analog transmission, which requires either a digital box or getting cable/satellite for viewers to watch television. So my question is thus with many people being lazy or just waiting for the right excuse do you think in Feb' 09 (for...
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    If Pokemon was not Bound By the Games.

    If the anime was not bound by the games but still had a large financial base how would Pokemon have gone? Would the characters gotten different Pokemon ? Would Ash have won more of the leagues would Pokemon be popular at all, what characters would be around? How long would it have lasted? How...
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    What Do You Like about Pokemon?

    In response to the thread "What do you hate about the anime?" I thought I would level it out by asking the opposite question. Here is my answer. 1. A show that is consistently making new episodes 2. An overall clean show. 3. The new fillers have been well orchestrated. 4. Great...
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    Official i purchased a Nintendo Wii thread

    Approved by RedStarWarrior. In this thread you can post if you bought a Nintendo Wii, this is not I will have but I do have. It means you are able to play on it. ;025;
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    Do you have any cards coming out your ears?

    Do you have so many of any cards they're coming out of your ears? I have many cards like this in my binder dedicated to these cards but here are some of the more notable examples. Oddish, Abra, Machop and Bellsprout to name a few. ;025;
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    US Get Season 1 on DVD Nov. 21

    http://www.serebiiforums.com/showthread.php?t=121257 The old thread collapsed with the New Dub Voice fiasco. With the event just around the corner I am excited, and will probably get it. I used the Search Button. ;025;
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    Two ideas

    Idea 1: Have a thread in this section called "Serebiiforums.com Suggestion thead" Due to the fact that the "Serebii.net Suggestion thread" explicitly states that it is not for the forums. There has been several ideas put in their own thread but could be organized in a single thread. Here are...
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    Posts of Old Gaurd Truthseeker

    This thread is much like its counterpart FAQ of Maddiejoan. I made this thread because much of the info given to us by OGT is in the original New Dub Voice Discussion and no one has the time to read 161 pages of info, so I took the useful info from that thread and put in a condensed thread. It...
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    What Makes A Good Thread

    I did use the Search Button. This is currently not approved by anyone, this is just one of my crazy ideas to try and help the forums and cut down on stupid threads. This is not in either FAQ. If this causes more harm than good I apologize in advance. Please edit if you wish to add something, or...
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    FAQ anwsered by Maddiejoan

    This thread is resurrected under the permission of Encyclopika and therefore dose not need to be reported. ;025; This thread is to make Maddie's answers easier to read. I dedicate this to Maddiejoan as well as Serebii and the other mods for making this site what it is. I made this to help the...
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    If one of SSB characters had to be shafted...

    If one of the SSB characters had to be shafted in SSBB which one would you pick. I Did Use the Search Button. If this counts as SSBB discussion I apologize. I just thought this is as much SSBB discussion as the Your Dream Super Smash Bros. Characters thread. The characters that can be shafted...
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    What is GOOD about the Anime?

    I Don't like things being one sided so I made an opposite to What's bad about the anime? thread. I did use the Search Button. To answer the question. Everything except for the flaws caused by man. ;025;
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    Happy Birthday!

    This thread is to say Happy Birthday to other members on this site. Every day I will post the list of birthdays that are shown on the statistics. If you forgot put birthday on public profile please fill free to PM me and I will add your User-name to the list. This is not approved by anybody. If...
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    We hit 10,000 members,

    I check SSP statistics every once and a while and just noticed. So how many more members will this site have? Will the two year record of active members on this site ever be broken? The record yes, members 50,000. ;025;
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    What series is the best?

    Throughout the years there has been several sets of cards. EX: Delta force, Gym Leader, etc. What do you think is the best in each of these categories? Strongest Weakest Coolest Most Strategic Most Ugly Most Unfair Most Likely to win a tournament. Couldn't find thread when I used...