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    Duels of Hope Sign-ups

    The year is 2150 and the ozone layer has depleted causing the atmospehere too release all the oxygen. Luckily scientist where able to make an artificial atmosphere. Sadly after two years of the artificial atmosphere being there a third of Earth's energy was used too keep it stable. Then when it...
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    How come every time I keep trying to make an RPG the site logs me out
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    My drawings

    Sorry about the lines all I have is notebook paper and no scanner sooooo, yeah.http://www.playlist.com/user/44783083/photos/view/15845651969you can see the rest on their too
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    The Element Chronicles.

    A dark evil known as Eon the Dark has been awakened after being sealed 5 years ago now he plans to conquer all using the 7 Power Gems,but legendary warriors known as Elementist will soon discover their powers and stop him. Example- Name-No mystical animals Age-14-22 Gender Description-...