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  1. kyogreblue3

    [Giveaway] In Time for ORAS!

    In Time for ORAS 5IV POKEMON GIVEAWAY Since ORAS is coming up, I've been busy breeding in X/Y to get some Pokemon ready. I've finally gotten the IV spreads/abilities I want, but of course I hatched a ton of other combinations in the process. Because I have little to no use for them, I might as...
  2. kyogreblue3

    [C O D E N A M E] | Consolidated Republic

    Submitted Wednesday, my favorite day of the week :3 ^ the heading looks better if your forum skin isn't a green, blue, or white color :/ Welcome to Consolidated Republic’s PC, Personal Computer Password? [C O D E N A M E] Access Granted . . . =Important File #1= You are in Consolidated...
  3. kyogreblue3

    Train | KB3

    Train | KB3 KB3's Fan-Art Thread ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ A train stops by the station and goes. So does my art. With exceptions. I stop when I want to, and start when I want to ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ =Intro= All aboard! All aboard the Pokemon train! This'll be the first ride in months! We'll be going...
  4. kyogreblue3

    ~The Fire Kyogre~

    The Fire Kyogre YOU BETTER LOVE FIRE-TYPES AND KYOGRE Thanks, Gladeshadow, for the userbar WORKERS PKMNRookie Lucarioisawesome Rayce RULES 1. No spam, no spammy spam spam. Sing that over and over again to get it inside your hard head. 2. Request limits: Avatars/Icons – 2...
  5. kyogreblue3

    Team Magma and Aqua (Rated G)

    This fanfiction is NOT going to fit the title, 'Team Magma and Aqua' in the beginning, but near the end it will. Anyway, this is probably going to be the first fanfiction I ever wrote that I'm going to finish lol. So enjoy! ^_^ and this fanfic is Rated G...
  6. kyogreblue3

    ~Rate My White Team!~

    if you could post any suggestions for changing my team, I'd appreciate it. Emboar @Charcoal Ability Blaze EVs: Random -Grass Knot -Flare Blitz -Flamethrower -Hammer Arm Stoutland @Rocky Helmet Ability Intimidate EVs: Random -Reversal -Giga Impact -Surf -Last Resort...
  7. kyogreblue3

    Rate My HeartGold Team

    Please post your comments on my team, like what i should replace, moves I should get rid of, etc. Typhlosion (Hasty) @Charcoal Ability - Blaze EVs: Random -Sunny Day -SolarBeam -Eruption -Flamethrower Golem (forgot the nature) @Quick Claw Ability - Sturdy EVs: Random -Explosion...