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  1. XSilverStarboyX

    Deciding Who to Leave in a Gym

    I'm curious. when dropping off pokemon in gyms, how do you decide who to drop off? I usually go by who not only has good stats but I try to balance the types in the gyms
  2. XSilverStarboyX

    What would you like a future reason to be based on?

    Since the regions in each Pokemon game are based on real life locations, what would you like the next region to be based on? Personally, I think a region based on Australia would be cool since there would be so much potential with terrain and wild life. I also wouldn't mind a region based on the...
  3. XSilverStarboyX

    Do you think the remakes render the older games obsolete?

    Depends. They are obsolete in terms of being able to trade and battle with newer games but me personally I sometimes like to go back to it for nostalgia purposes. I also prefer the original Gold and Silver to HG and SS;152;
  4. XSilverStarboyX

    Why did you join your Team?

    I joined Mystic because I love Articuno, and while my favorite color is green, I felt Blue was close enough. However, I feel my personality matches more of an Instinct member as I am about winning with my favorites;152;
  5. XSilverStarboyX

    Pokemon Go: Did you catch 'em all?

    I am currently at 129 caught and 137 seen;152;
  6. XSilverStarboyX

    Is Pokémon less popular than it used to be?

    I really like this answer, I mean, nothing is as popular as it was in its heyday. I don't think Pokemon will ever reach that point again although I feel it came quite close with Pokemon Go. But at the same time, I feel Pokemon is a franchise that will be around for quite a while ;152;
  7. XSilverStarboyX

    Pokémon Sun & Moon - Hopes and Wish lists

    If we can battle Red and Green, I would love to Battle an older, Gold, Crystal, Brendan, May, and even Dawn and Lucas almost feel like they should make an appearance because I am pretty sure we will get Diamond and Pearl Remakes;152;
  8. XSilverStarboyX

    First official PoGO event: a Halloween celebration!

    I never even thought of that! I have heard for a while we would get Gen 2 in December but I haven't heard any official confirmation;152;
  9. XSilverStarboyX

    General Character Discussion Thread

    I am excited about being able to fight Red and Blue. Not just Red and Blue, but an older more seasoned version of Red and Blue. I honestly hope they do the same with the other protagonists from other games. Especially since we aren't getting gyms ;152;
  10. XSilverStarboyX

    The Worker's Thread - what do you do for a living ?

    I am a food delivery driver. I hung up the chef uniform after 10 years because I was tired of being pushed around by managers and not making money. With food delivery driving, I make my own schedule, I am basically my own boss, and I've made more money than I ever made as a chef;152
  11. XSilverStarboyX

    First official PoGO event: a Halloween celebration!

    I am trying hard to walk around so I can get Blastoise and Charizard, and maybe some more Bulbasaur Candies ;152;
  12. XSilverStarboyX

    Things in the Pokémon world which just don't make sense (by pokémon standards)

    How in Gen 1 they said Ghost can beat Psychic but Nightshade does damage based on level and ignores typing, and Lick doesn't effect Psychic at all;152;
  13. XSilverStarboyX

    Starter Discussion & Thread

    I am going to be starting with Rowlet;152;
  14. XSilverStarboyX

    Sun or Moon? Which version are you getting?

    I am sure I will get both but for now I am going to start with Sun because most of my friends will be getting Moon;152;
  15. XSilverStarboyX

    Egg hatching experiences: What hatched from you egg?

    Got a Machop from an egg last night. Lots of Magikarps too which is great because eggs produce more candy so that means a faster trip to Gyrados. I got a Magmar from a 10k egg which was disappointing because there is a football field near my apartment that is full of them;152;
  16. XSilverStarboyX

    Strangest Place You Found a Pokemon

    What is the strangest place you found a Pokemon? For me? I found a Pidgey in the toilet at work;152;
  17. XSilverStarboyX

    Which Games Have Your Favourite...

    Pokémon: Ruby and Sapphire Starters: Gold and Silver Legendaries: Gold and Silver Region: Jhoto Protagonists: Jhoto Rival: Silver Professor: Juniper Gym Leaders: Kanto Elite Four: Gold and Silver Champion: Lance Evil Team/s: Rocket(Gold and Silver) Plot: Black and White Music: Gold and Silver...
  18. XSilverStarboyX

    Which Pokemon game did you think had the best remake

    Which remake did you think was best? My favorite is Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire. I loved the character design updates, some of the new features they added to capture Pokemon. I enjoyed Fire Red and Leaf Green for what it was. I like the graphic updates and the fact that you could capture 3...
  19. XSilverStarboyX

    Favorite R/B/Y Gym Leader

    Erika. I just loved her personality, gym, and of course Grass types are always my favorite. I will say I absolutely hated what they did to her in the anime;152;