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    Well Im not really a newbie BUT I'm a really old member of these forums. Crazy what a bit of nostalgia can do but I started playing old pokemon games and memories just came popping up in my head and sooner then later I remembered this site which I had forgotten for about year and more. I...
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    First Video

    Hey so uh my friend and I had to make a Video for our english class. Most people say Im a pretty funny guy so I tried to just make a pretty funny video and just wondering If I can get your opinions dosent matter if there good or bad just need to know if im heading in the right direction or If I...
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    Can u feel the heat (Im back)

    Im back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And damn I missed it here so Hi 2 my friend's and again Im back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Hi Im New

    Hi Im New :d And You Wiil See Me In The Shipping Thred And In The Miscellaneous Discussion Thread