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    Getting into Manga

    Could you guys help me by giving some suggestions of what manga to read? I have read some of the Pokemon manga, and then Scott Pilgrim(If you want to consider that one.). I am interested in yu-gi-oh and full metal alchemist, but not so much fruits basket or bleach. Thanks in advance.
  2. Z

    My PO Awesomess team of Awesome

    Okay so lately I have become addicted to Pokemon Online. I find it much easier to competivly battle there, then to wait all that time on my DS. I regularly go on PokeBattlecenter, where my username is Cow, in case anyone was wondering. So this team I've battled with for 40 times. And its won 23...
  3. Z

    Heavy Tanks(Double battles)

    Slaking @ Life orb Ability: Traunt EVs: 252 attack/252 speed/4 sp def Nature: Adament - Return - Bulldoze - Focuspunch/Brick Break - Rock Slide This big guy is my lead. It hits amazingly hard. I rarely ever switch it out. It gets STAB with return. Bulldoze and rockslide for the great...
  4. Z

    Final White team......Maybe XD

    So this will most likely be my White team in game.\ Emboar, Reckless,@Life orb -Flare Blitz -Head smash -Wild Charge -Hammer arm This is pretty much a all or nothing set. Reckless doubles the power of flare blitz, head smash, and wild charge. And life orb powers them up to incredible...
  5. Z

    My Bug type team

    Ok so I decided to get a Bug type team in my Platinum. Im not bothering with EVs. But I do plan on using this team for competative also Pinsir (Adament) @Life Orb Mold breaker -X-scissor -Stealth Rock -Earthquake -Superpower(Something different for this one I think) Armaldo(Adament)...
  6. Z

    My Solid White Team

    Jaroda-Serious-Overgrow Item-??? Mixed attacker -Grass mixer -toxic -return -Grass oath Desukan-Bold- MUmmy Item-Leftovers Defensive wall -will O wisp -Evil Eye -Mean look -Double team/Protect Nattoeri-Impish-Steel thorns Item-??? Lead -Spikes -Stealth Rock -Explosion...
  7. Z

    Chronicles of Jasper

    A/N- This is my first fanfiction ever. Please give me advice and help. this is only the prologue but I hope to have the first chapter up by October the 14th. This takes place in Hoenn and every regions pokemon can be found here. Including Isshu ones. Rated PG In the year 2001 the regions of...
  8. Z

    Battle tower Attempt #2

    I recently made a team for the battle tower. I reached to the streak of 20 but Palmer fainted me. Now that I have made a few ajustments, here is my new team, Gallade (Adamant) @Choice band Ability Steadfast EVs: Max attack, Max speed, Rest is HP -Close combat -Night slash -Psycho cut...
  9. Z

    My heartgold team

    Right now Im in Blackthorn and here isums my team. And I dont want any egg moves/move tutor moves. Also if you recomend a tm/item could you tell me where to get it. And i dont EV train cause Idk how. Could anyone post a good guide to EV training? Golem (Quiet) @Quick claw Ability Rock head...
  10. Z

    Item Storage

    What are your thoughts on the item storage from 3rd gen? I perfered it because you can but away all your evolutionery items or things that are almost worthless like shed shell and keep them there. And for those who use a action reply to get items and tms You can just put them in your pc than...
  11. Z

    Can you guys rate my team?

    Absol, adament ,item= ???? Ability super luck -night slash -pycho cut -swords dance -double team comments=my pure power pokemon Roserade,Quiet,item=???? poisen point -giga drain -ingrain -synthsis -toxic comments=my tank. keeps on healing while they die of toxic. but i think it...
  12. Z

    dragonfly pokemon

    do you like them like me? ;329;;329; COULD YOU PLEEZ DISCUSE