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    RMT - PKMN Black WiFi

    1. Nattorei @ leftovers rough skin, sassy 252 hp, 108 def, 148spdef power whip spikes stealth rock gyro ball SR lead and spikes if possible. --- 2. shandera @ ??? flash fire, timid 252 spatk, 252 spd, 4def calm mind flamethrower substitute enery ball Sub -> Calm Mind (x2 if can) ->...
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    [Question] Wi-Fi Battle Frontier

    Do courses like Battle Arcade / Tower get harder for consecutive wins on wifi with same/different partners or is it just a one-off 7-round thing? -- edit: crap, wrong section. can someone move or delete this? thanks.
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    Gimmicky Pokemon/Features in the games

    (couldnt think of a better title to explain it) What pokemon/features that appeared in certain generations do you consider gimmicky? For me I'd say: Light Ball on Pikachu in Gen2 (when traded from Gen1). Sure other pokemon when traded from g1 to g2 have items as well, but the light ball is...
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    Attempting to get one of each Pokemon in PC

    I've almost finished it getting them all. Playing on Pokemon SS, JPN, Original Cart. 200+ Hours. (including main story, training, battle tower, breeding, trading, etc etc) I finished my pokedex thanks to trades/trade-backs with people from here, so i figured i'd try get one of each pokemon...
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    Should the environement play more of a role?

    This won't affect online matches, etc since they're are all battled in a building so it's neutral ground...but things like Use EQ while on water/surfing results in Surf Twister/Whirlwind on water results in Whirlpool Strong Electric attacks on Sunny Days (or against Dry Skin) has a chance of...
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    Mini-games you want to see in Pokemon?

    I think the pokethlon should include a mini-game for each of the HM's so they have more use. Strength/Rock Smash for the Block Break one.. And surfing minigame back (but with any surfing pokemon, not just pikachu.) and most stadium 2 minigames as well.
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    Gen 1 Pokemon that need Evolutions/Changes

    IMO Tauros needs an evolution or something. It's just...there. I dunno, make it into one of those ****** off bulls in a bullfight and colour it black with red eyes. and a baby kanghaskan. it's right there. just let it out of the damn pouch already. it's been like 10 years.
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    [SS] In-Game Team

    This is what I've currently got. It's not for competitive battling, or much online play (I have another set for that.) Name:Typhlosion Item: Ability: (his standard one.) EV: Untrained Nature: Relaxed Moves: -Sunny Day -Flamethrower -Thunderpunch - Earthquake Name: Pidgeot Item...