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    girl help pleez!

    im tryin to get a girl but shes not takin in any advice?
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    shiny lucario ar legit pearl and please make it short

    i neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed shiny lucario please help!
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    fav band or music group

    well mines tom petty and the heartbreakers
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    Your Greatest Pokemon Moment in any game

    i dont rele know prolly win i beat darkrai on explorers of sky my first try with no revivers! ooooooh beat dat
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    your greatest moment of exploration and ur team duh

    when i beat darkrai on my first try with no revivers, lucario lv 100 infernape, and lucario hes my apprentice
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    exploration chat

    tell me all about your exploration team!
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    the pokemon typed chronicals!

    "hes hatching... omg i cant wait to see my baby!" 'crack...crack...CRACK!" 'hes so beautiful!" "yes indeed." "is everything ok in here?" "yes everything is great chansey!" "he seems like the perfect child for u."chansey said. "yes i luv him!" "ri?...Ri?" "ow haha he cant even tlk yet." "wow my...