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  1. Archstaraptor

    Preparing for Take-off

    I've always been a fairly mediocre battler,particularly when it comes down to wifi single battles. Recently I've been fighting to change that,but I'm still stuck over deciding how to round off my team: ;398;Staraptor @Normal Gem #Intimidate #252Speed,attack+defence investment -Brave...
  2. Archstaraptor


    (^Couldn't think of a better title.Say if you can!) 1.Think of two words that rhyme, then define them like so: -Exchange something with another person. -A sudden,often violent, attack on a place. 2.Another person solves the puzzle: -Trade -Raid This person will get to...
  3. Archstaraptor

    Cult Renegade

    CULT RENEGADE Heartfelt thanks goes to Eeveelover824 for our clan's marvelous artwork! Welcome. I hope I'm not the only person who has seen enough of Scizor,Salamence and the rest of their OU kin. Because it's painfully repetitive: identical teams,identical strategies...where did the variety...
  4. Archstaraptor

    Look familiar?

    I've been using this team for triple battles for a while now. Typhlosion@fire gem -Eruption -Protect -Solarbeam(will probably revert to focus blast)----suggestions? -flamethrower The team sweeper.Fire gem boosted eruption doesn't leave many behind after use.It also allows me to switch between...
  5. Archstaraptor

    What I should do next

    My current triples team as it stands is this: Typhlosion@fire gem Eruption flamethrower Solar Beam Protect -Typhlosion does most of the team's damage normally,since little can stand in front of its eruption without taking a chunk of damage.It's unreliable at times:I keep away from choice...
  6. Archstaraptor

    Computer pop-up crisis

    "No,I don't want to win an iphone" For the last few months every time I log in and surf the net,pop-ups have been slipping into all written text,which is not only annoying when you're simply trying to read the text on the page,but they've slown down my computer.A lot. I'm confident that it...
  7. Archstaraptor

    Your favourite Battle type

    Triple Battles are fast paced and dependant on team synergy. There's also countless possibilities outside the simple combinations-I enjoy experimenting with each one. What's your favourite Battle type?
  8. Archstaraptor

    Hoodies:Good or bad?

    I've been given a project in class which includes conducting a survey. Some people believe that wearing a hoody defines a typical street hooligan.They mask your identity,making them a big problem with shop security cameras etc Other people believe that hoodies are simply items of clothing that...
  9. Archstaraptor

    Searching for past posts

    I'm having some trouble with the new advanced search-whenever I search for my past posts all I get are my VMs and threads-what happened in the upgrade?
  10. Archstaraptor

    Triples Team:Need help

    I don't really know what to think anymore about my team;it fairs really well on match-up(current record 25-41)but I've been having big doubts,as some members aren't performing as well as the rest. :497: Serperior@Light Clay Bashful Nature +Overgrow -Giga Drain -Light Screen -Leaf Blade...
  11. Archstaraptor

    Help:Where's the thread?

    I made a thread for General Pokemon Discussion the other day,and I was told that it was going to be sent to the moderators(to check if it's OK). 2 Days later...still nothing. Does this sort thing take time or should I suspect that it wasn't appropriate for the Forum? If so,a notification...
  12. Archstaraptor

    My First EV Triple Team

    This is one of my best teams so far,in my opinion. However this is the first time I've used EVs as a basis and thought it might be best to get recommendations from the best. ;359; Absol@Dark Gem Ability:Super Luck 252 Atk/252 HP/4 Spd Brave Nature -Swords Dance -Sucker Punch -Mega...