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    No X & Y demo for me?

    Only in japan? If that's how it is they should aswell keep pokemon X & Y so i can hold on to something else. I'm sure they'll make way more money off their people. Lol no demo for me... I guess that means i'm not a customer, Why would i even bother pulling off my wallet then... Yay for...
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    Is it really necessary to do this?

    To post those japanese event's on the frontpage? Is it really necessary? Like who cares, Half of them come to us, if lucky.
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    Small question.

    "Shutting" the thread ahead, I just need to know the code used to checkmark words, Example It should be something similiar, I forgot what it was. Also i only posted here because i need the answer as fast as possible, Only reason... That'll be it.
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    Silly people...

    You're not willing to accept hacked pokemon but you love wi-fi gift pokemon. Guess what! wi-fi pokemon are personalized and put into a cherish ball the same way, In fact, They are cloned and completely useless to online unlike those worked by the AR individually. Also you can't tell the...
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    B/W & B/W2, Two Stories? Nope.

    ​One cannot simply assume that the story of B/W was better than B/W2 although B/W2 is better, The Story of B/W and B/W2 Are one as a whole, Divided in two games. With that being said the "story" of B/W is no different from B/W2 or vise-versa, Why? Maybe Because of it being part of it as direct...
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    Oh my god!!! this just blew my mind, Chatot x.x

    WOW.. WOW, i spent hours IV training a chatot. and now i can't use it online, Chatot? Freakin chatot? a normal pokemon? it is the only normal pokemon that appears in the list of legendaries you can't use. This is ridiculously outrageous! i like Chatot! why gamefreak T.T why! y u betrollin! :/...
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    Rate my team! :)

    Plox let me know, how can i make my team any better, iv'e been losing a lot lately >¦o xd → Raichu. Held item=Air balloon/ Moves=Volt tackle, quick attack, iron tail, thunderbolt. _______________________________ Ninetails. Drought. Held item=Life orb/ Moves=Solarbeam, fireblast, confuse ray...
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    Persian & Murkrow.

    I'd like to know if there's any reasonable setup's for these two pokemon ”And” if there are, wich setup's are they.
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    Training Angry.

    Have you ever tried to train a pokemon with others around the same level, and it always gets koed in one hit! then you're like ARRGH!!! and shift your most powerful pokemon? lol.
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    New to serebii forums?

    Hello there existing members of serebii.net forum's, imma watchog.. iv'e been wandering around this site for quite a long time making sure i don't miss any events (and) whats new on pokemon, so today 2/12/2012 i decided to make this account\. Meanwhile i will appreciate if anyone knows anything...