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    Pokemon Locations? / Location Speculation Thread

    Pokemon Locations? As you may have noticed, certain Pokemon had some pretty odd locations in the original G/S/C games; some Johto Pokemon you could only obtain in Kanto after you'd beaten the Elite 4! My question is, do you think they will change the locations certain Pokemon are found in...
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    HGSS PokeDex Discussion

    I'm not sure about you guys, but I always felt that G/S/C were far too saturated with Kanto Pokemon. Obviously the games were direct sequels to R/B/Y, and some Kanto Pokemon are needed as they have evolutions introduced in Johto [not to mention other plot devices such as the Slowpoke Tail]. That...
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    Camp Rock

    Anyone here interested in watching the upcoming Disney Channel Original Movie "Camp Rock"? It stars the Jonas Brothers and newcomer Demi Lovato and is set to premiere this Friday June 20th at 8pm. When I first saw/heard this movie was coming out, I really wasn't interested in watching it due...
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    Shellos/Gastrodon's Third Forms?

    On several Pokemon sites, there has been talk of game data found when hacking into D/P that revealed a third form for Shellos and Gastrodon. Whether this was supposed to be an Northern form that was cut from the game or a form from Johto if a remake were to happen is unknown. However, I'm...
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    Ditto's EXP Points

    Seeing as this applies to all the games, I couldn't exactly put it in a specific game section, which is why this ended up here. Sooo I don't know if I'm just slow and everyone already knew this, but have you noticed that the EXP points given by beating a Ditto seem to double when it has...
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    Forums to PokeDex

    I'm not sure if this has been brought up or not, but I'm curious as to why when you click the PokeDex link at the top right of the Forums, that it brings you the 3rd Generation PokeDex as opposed the the 4th Generation one. Just wondering...
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    Megaman Star Force in Canada?

    Megaman Star Force was supposed to be released on August 7th in North America, and apparently the US has got them, however, it does not seem to be avaliable in Canada yet. I've called EBGames, Wal-Mart, and Toys R Us everyday since the 7th and none of them have it in yet. Does anyone know what's...
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    Saturn...Male or Female?

    Okay, so something has been bothering me for quite a while, and I'd like to get the facts straight once and for all. It seems that there is contradictory ideas on the gender of the Team Galactic Admin Saturn's gender, with some websites claiming it is male, while other give the impression that...
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    The Sugimori Face-Off!

    *gaaaaasp!* HE'S BACK?! NOOOO!!! Well, seeing as there's time to kill between now and when my heavily awaited D/P Shiny Face-Off begins, I decided it would be fun to have another Face-Off. Seeing how much I enjoy the R/S vs Fr/Lg Sprite Face-Off, I decided to do something similar, as in...
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    Shiny Face-Off V.2!!!

    It's teh Shiny Face-Off V.2!!! Wow! Dejavu!!!! (lol) Well seeing as Face-Offs have taken over the PokePolls (thanks to the creator, TaiwaneseDude) I decided to get hip and make one of my own! But almost all the Face-Off idea's were taken...I had to get creative...But then I just thought...