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  1. SorcererPikachu5X5

    Looking for SHINY Gen 4 Legends for Pokémon Home

    UPDATE: I've completed my Pokédex, so I'm in no rush to accomplish something or look for specific Pokémon. However, if you do have any legendary mythical Pokémon that are shiny, then I'll be happy to do a trade. Let me know which shinies I have that you want to trade. I'm even open to do a...
  2. SorcererPikachu5X5

    Looking for Shiny Legendary & Mythical Pokémon & Items

    Hi everyone, I'm looking to complete my collection of shiny Pokémon. What I'm currently looking for are shiny mythical Pokémon that have been officially distributed by an event or have been legitimately received. No hack or any of the sorts allowed. There will also be a few non-shinies that I'm...
  3. SorcererPikachu5X5

    Shiny Pokémon Trade List

    Hi everyone, I have a massive list of Shiny Pokémon that I’m both looking for and willing to trade. Many of them will have some specifics like regarding its gender and ability. Don’t worry about either which Pokéball it’s in or its IVs. HOWEVER, if you’re able to rename your Pokémon, that...