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    The Worst Game You've Played.

    dirge of cerberus - I can't believe I spent 50 dollars of this waste of memory card data should of just been a movie.
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    Your favorite uber.

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    Pokemon Trainer: new playable character added to SSBB.

    Charizard, Squirtle, and Ivysaur
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    I don't know...can a team work with only one wall...and two fire types...?

    Gyarados@Life Orb Adamant Nature EVs - 252atk|218spd|34HP Moves~ -Waterfall -Ice Fang -Earthquake -Dragon Dance Gengar@Black Sludge Timid Nature EVs - 4HP|253sp.atk|253spd Moves~ -Shadow Ball -Thunderbolt -Focus Blast -Hypnosis Infernape@Choice Band Jolly Nature EVs -...
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    Gallade or Gyarados?

    I'm making a 3 on 3 team and I want to know which is better at physical sweeping.
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    marauders of the sandstorms(my 3 on 3 team)

    Heatran@Choice Scarf Timid Nature Moves: - Flamethrower - Earth Power - Flash Cannon - Dragon Pulse Tyranitar@Leftovers Quite Nature Moves: - Subsitute - Fucus Punch - Dark Pulse - Thunder Bolt Garchomp@Life Orb Jolly Nature - Dragon claw - Earthquake - Sword Dance - Fire...
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    Heatran@Choice Scarf Timid Nature Flash Fire EVs 6HP/252sp.atk/252speed Moves: - Flamethrower - Earth Power - Flash Cannon - Dragon Pulse
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    Can this take me through the battle tower?

    Tyrantar@Leftovers Adamant nature| Rock Polish Stone Edge Earthquake Thunder Fang/Crunch Garchomp@Life Orb Adamant Nature| Dragon Claw Sword Dance Earthquake Fire Fang/Crunch Heatran@Choice Specs/Scarf Timid Nature| Earth Power Flash Cannon Lava Plume *need 4th move*
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    What was your first shiny?

    Mine was a Wooper
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    What would be worse?

    *can't think of anything*
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    what ever happened to "I'm going to be a Pokemon master"?

    Remember when Ash wanted to be a Pokemon master? Now all he does is wait for Pokemon to follow him before catching them, not counting the flying ones, because he has to have something to pop TR's balloon.
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    *genaric rate my team title*

    Metagross@Leftovers Adamant nature EQ Zen Headbutt Meteor Mash Agility Lucario@???? Timid Nature Aura Sphere Flash Cannon Dark Pulse/Shadow Ball Calm Mind Gyarados@???? Jolly Nature Waterfall EQ Dragon Dance Ice Fang Heracross@Choice Band Adamant megahorn close...
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    Lucario or Magmotar?

    I need to know which one I should keep because I'm going to replace on for Blissley Lucario@Choice specs Timid Nature| Aura Sphere Flash Cannon Shadow Ball/Dark Pulse Magmotar@Choice Specs Modest Nature| Flamethrower/Lava Plumb Thunder Bolt Psychic Toxic? Which is the better...
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    Swampert and Charizard.

    Charizard@Choice Scarf Hasty Nature| Air Slash Flamethrower Dragon Claw Earthquake/Rock Slide. Swampert@Leftovers Relaxed Nature| Earthquake Hammer Arm Waterfall Endeavour
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    Could this team work?

    Metagross@Adamant EQ Zen Headbutt Meteor Mash Agility Lucario@Timid Aura Sphere Flash Cannon Dark Pulse/Shadow Ball Calm Mind Gyarados@Jolly Waterfall EQ Dragon Dance Ice Fang Heracross@Adamant megahorn close combat Night Slash Rock Slide Magmotar@modest Lave plum...
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    If you were a Pokemon, what would your move set consist of?

    I'd have Meteor Mash, Shadow Ball, Extremespeed, and Aura Sphere.
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    I started reading Death Note.

    And so far I like it. Does anyone else read it?
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    Empelion is cool, but is pre-evolved forms look stupid.

    Though the same can be said about Blaziken and his.
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    If there was a Gold/Silver remake what do you think they'd be called?

    I was thinking; Pokemon RainbowGold (Ho-oh) Pokemon HurricaneSilver (Lugia)
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    Why do still like this show?

    Seriously it has been plot less and on autopilot for years now. Why keep watching it?