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    scraftyscrafty's swap shop

    Hello, scraftyscrafty. I was looking through what you had, and I am interested in your Scizor (Adamant, Lv.1 UT, knows Roost, Bug Bite and Superpower, FLAWLESS!!!) Would you be willing to make a trade for my Shiny Jolly (All 31 IVS except for Special Attack) UT Axew? (Has Night Slash Egg move)
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    #123 Scyther / #212 Scizor

    Looking for a flawless (max IV's except for Special Attack) untouched Adamant Scizor with the move tutor move Superpower (from Platinum, Heart Gold and Soul Silver) I can offer some shiny flawless pokemon in return if you can make this happen. :)
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    Who Here Plays An Instrument?

    I'ma percussionist for my school. I'm the drill leader of the marching percussion section, and I play Snare Drum (moving to Tenors for my senior year) I also play set for the jazz band.
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    2012 Doomsday ; Do you believe in it?

    Got that right. Stone tablets ran out of carving space eventually.
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    How do you motivate yourself?

    If you have some friends who play, get them to start over the same time you do. Have a little friendly competition, and see who can get the best team together. Battle each other after each gym leader (or some good point during your game) If not, try different teams. Or a Nuzlocke, Scramble, or...
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    Legendaries too much?

    Legendaries..my..I love legendaries. Ever since Gen 3, I felt like Game Freak was actually getting somewhere. Hoenn had the creators of the sea, land, and a bad *** mother ****ing dragon to keep things in balance. Gen 4 had the creators of time, space, EVERYTHING, and a bad *** mother ****ing...
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    YOU like Pokemon?!

    I figured out my old Algebra 2 teacher plays Pokemon. Competitive too. He knows how to RNG and everything. Makes me wish I knew that about him before I had to switch classes.. But yeah, I'm known as the Pokemon Master at my school. Nobody knows how to do competitive out of my friends except me...
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    Weirdest trade you've done in the GTS

    I've never had one. Because all the Pokemon I want to trade for, somebody wants a lvl9 and under Zekrom..
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    3rd Gen Nuzlocke Challenge Thread!

    So, I've never done a Nuzlocke challenge before. But after seeing so many people posting about it, and signatures, I got curious. And I thought "This would be a good time to start playing some of my old generation games again." So, grabbed my Emerald game, read up on the rules, and decided to...
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    Darkoon's Shop of Pokemons

    Hello, Darkoon. I was looking through your wants lists, and I noticed you would like a male, shiny, jolly Axew, EM Night Slash, and NN'd Katana. Is this still a Pokemon you would be interested in? And if so..when you say 5 Poke's in the shop, do you mean any, including the events? Thank you in...
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    If you were a Trainer, would you evolve your Pokemon?

    If they start evolving, I won't stop them. Especially Charmeleon, 'cause I wanna stop riding the school bus.
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    >>>> Closed Thread Container <<<<

    Yes, my Pokemon eat Rare Candies all the time, thanks for asking.
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    Creepy night time things

    Well, I just now realized I didn't "hack" into Youtube. They recently blocked it, but on the computer I was on, I already had Youtube history on it. I clicked on a previous link, and there I was. So, I really don't know what to tell you. Try kproxy or something..or ask someone else. I'm not a...
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    The Pokemon Questions Thread Again!

    Here recently, I have become interested in competitive battling. I know all about EV's and IV's, but I have no idea to apply them to a competitive team. Does anyone know any good threads on here, or other links to help me get started? Thank you in advance. :)
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    I had a dream that I was the best sniper in the world, and I got paid a sh** load of money to take out Master Chief. (Halo games) I had him in my sights, but he sprinted away fast as lightning. I kept looking through my scope, hoping to find the escaping Spartan. I then heard him mutter...
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    Creepy night time things

    So a few days ago, I had some free time in my 1st period class at school; so I hacked logged into Youtube. I came across a link called Top 10 Freakiest Nintendo bosses. I watched it, and found out that Giygas (Earthbound) was #1. I had never played Earthbound, but have heard of Ness through...
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    School Rules You Hate!

    My school has a strict PDA policy. A simple hug is enough to get sent home for 10 days. But the thing I don't get is if someone has chewing tobacco and gets caught; they only get sent home for a day. Messed up much?
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    What do you do when you don't play pokemon?

    I stay after school on Mon-Thru because I'm an active member in the band at my school. Two of those day is drumline practice, whereas I'm the drum captain; so it's quite mandatory I'm there, aha. The other two days are jazz band practice, where me and my friend (who plays pokemon also) switch...
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    Rate Yourself - Appearance

    Face: Ehh..I don't even know. Above average I suppose. I have alot of girls who compliment me on that matter..and the fact they want my eyelashes. And apparently, it looks like I wear eye shadow too.. Idk..I'll give myself a 7.5-8 Body: I am one short, skinny *** dude. I'll give myself a 1...
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    What Are You Listening To - Just Add Water!

    Pokemon LeafGreen/Firered - Deoxys Battle Theme <3