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    ****GLACE's 'lil Shop of Flawless Shiny Pokemon****

    Welcome to my modest shop! Hope you enjoy my stuff! **Currently looking for People who can RNG, with pokeckeck proof** I can pay you with FS/NFS in return as a payment. Interested people please send me a PM. Thanks, ~Glace First of all, the Rules 1.Everything according to SPP forum rules...
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    Gotta ask this...

    Can anyone tell me what is the last sign in the print of the Alpha ruins??? Cause I just imagined and tried everything but I can't stand without know this anymore...What the heck is that "?"?
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    Here I am at last!

    Heya People! I am Glace, some of you might know me from the Chat or maybe just by random, but whatever, i have read the rules and ready to start at serebii! If you need somtheing from me just let me know i can help you in many ways since i am quite experienced. See u around, 'till...