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    Street Fighter 3 V IV

    Please there must be someone out there that agrees with me when I say street fighter 3 is a far superior game to IV. To begin with the whole parrying system was removed with the release of IV which took a large portion of skill and excitement out of the game, not only that i think even the...
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    NARUTO: The anime or The manga.

    I had an argument with a couple of friends the other day, although seemingly pointless, we argued what was better the Naruto anime or the manga (this includes shippuden) Personally I prefer the anime, but that is most likely because I began watching the anime before i discovered the manga and...
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    Whats the deal with Missingno ?

    How on earth was missingno put into the pokemon red and blue games (not sure if it was on yellow.. help me out here), I mean was it a glitch ? or did the game designers purposely put missingno in for some odd reason or just for a humerous cause. Ive always thought long and hard as to why or how...
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    GYM LEADERS (who is your favourite?) *May contain spoilers*

    There have been gym leader after gym leader in the Pokemon anime series. All who are very much individuals and are like no other in the series. So just who is your favorite gym leader ? - Personally, Lt. Surge was an all time favourite of mine :D
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    Soul eater !

    has anyone watched the anime Souleater ? I'm just curious as to see what people think of this anime..
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    What is the most popular anime of all time?

    Hey guys, just wondering what you think has been the most popular anime of all time.. in my opinion.. I'd have to say the Dragonball series was the most popular anime series to have graced Australian television. I remember when its popularity was through the roof and everyone was raving...
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    please help

    i need another move for my magnezone ill give its info a nd moves atm Magnezone shiny level 100 hp: 324 attack: 143 defense: 241 sp.atk: 394 sp.def: 194 speed: 166 moveset ATM: thunderbolt magnet rise substitute - please help thanks i will greatly appreasiate it :D
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    What is the most stupide offer you have gotten

    I got an offer last night and this girl said: i will give you all starters except for eevee and treecko i havnt got them starters yet. Lol didnt know eevee was an starter:/. Anyway i thought that was stupide because is was for my for my Celebi :/ so i want to know if anyone else has recived...
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    uber battle

    ok urbers allowed but max of urbers are 3 so if you wanna battle my fc is 1117 9349 2030 just tell me yuors and lets fight :)
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    jump training

    im doing jump training so i could jump higher and am wondering if anyone could give me any suggestions for this thanks :) btw im 8 foot 9 and i can jump and touch my roof wich is 8 foot 6
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    The Old Song List

    i have great memories of old songs (im 15) the only thing i cant remember the names and hopefully when people name some songs i will get some thanks
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    Nerd fight at school - Longest run on sentence in history irl.

    as the heading says there was a nerd fight at my school and i though i might post it here because me and my mates think this kid is half mike tyson and half vampire so listen tot his ... kid 1 walked up to kid 2 kid one grabed kid 2 and pretended to slit his throught with his thumb and the kid 2...
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    what are you watching ?

    so bored might as well see what people are watching :)
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    dont you hate it when your gonna do a trade and they leave you online waiting and then they dont go online and you get all exited WHY DO PEOPLE DO THAT :@
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    event salamence and what its worth

    this post is of a event salemence i have and am not shore if i should keep it im wondering from honest answers the outcome or the worthyness of this rare pokemon which was very easy to got :P i traded a bidoof for it