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    FireFox's Sprites and Pixels

    Well I've only just recently got back into the spriting scene after some years. Now I'm not much of an amateur as some people here but I still want to get some feedback since there's more to work towards. Older Sprites: These were made for Pokemon Malachite but ever since the games been put...
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    FireFox13/NovaStar's Fakemon and other art

    I haven't been on this site for awhile now and I have done several works since then. Essentially I've always wanted to try and perfect the Sugimori style since I'd like a more official look to my mons. Just a personal preference I guess. Some of these will be a bit large so just follow the links...
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    FireFox's Art Emporium

    Well I've accumulated a ton of drawing (both traditional and digital) over the past few years and I feel that I need to know how I'm doing. Pokemon Fakemon Other If you can then please give me some feedback, maybe there's something I can improve on.
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    FireFox's Precious Pixels

    Here's where I showcase all my sprites, old and new. Feel free to critique and give me ideas on what to make next, I'm all ears. Recent Work: Scratches: These are remakes of another spriters work for the fan game Pokemon Malachite. WSC Entries: Recolours: This was going to be my...
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    Firefox13's Sprite Thread (Malachite Backsprites)

    Well after taking a very long hiatus I have finally decided to get back into the spriting field. I already made a scratch and several backsprites for Pokemon Malachite. So I'd love some c&c because I want the best for the game. And before anyone asks, I have not made the front sprites, I only...
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    My First attempt in a Competitive Team

    My First attempt in a Competitive Team [Updated] For awhile now I've been thinking about going into the competitive scene I've got a good understanding of it and I'd like to see how I would fair. Any suggestions would be great. Tentacruel @ Black Sludge Nature: Calm (+ Sp. Defense, - Attack)...
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    Battlefield: Bad Company 2

    Since no one has made a thread for this yet, I thought I should do it. This game has been said to be the Mw2 killer, squad based action, vehicle oriented gameplay and large scale game-types, Battlefield: Bad Company 2 seems like a refreshing breath of air from the usual FPS games out there. My...
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    FireFox's Sprites and Scratches

    Well since I'm a bit more experienced with spriting I wanted to make a new thread having all of my sprites, not just my first ones. New sprites: Here's a scratch sprite I made for the 71 WSC but since I'm not really gonna participate in it. Scratches aren't my forte. Originally the idea...
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    Starting off: Firefox's Sprites

    FireFox13's Sprites, Scratches, and Pixel Overs Splices and edits: Scratches: Trainer Edits: Pixel Overs: Revamp: