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    If you owned Serebii V2

    After 5 months of rotting away i decided to close my last if you owned serebii thread and create V2 im sure you all know how it works just write what you would do if you owned serebii.net that includes the forums.
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    2008/2009 Successful?

    Personally i think 2008 has been an excellent year for pokemon what do you think?
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    The WWE/TNA thread

    In this thread discuss anything that is related to the wwe or tna E.G best move,strongest wrestler,who will win the match and other stuff like that.
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    The most useless move

    Hi The Master123 here anyways as the title says what is the most useless move in the pokemon games? For me the most useless move is string shot.
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    What is it?

    In the pokemon advance battle opening you can see someone or something wearing black jumping up into the sky but the show dosent show what it is so the question is what is it?
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    Remembering Factious [this is my favourite thread -Joshlol]

    Its been known for a quite a bit now that factious has left us. for some people facetious was a hero and to others a living nightmare but whatever you think im sure we will always remember him. In this thread you can discuss anything as long it involves facetious.
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    easier or harder?

    do you think that the Pokemon games are getting easier or harder? i think easier.
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    The one that you cant defeat

    what is the one trainer you have never beaten without the help of somebody else. or have you ever helped someone? i helped my friend with the first gym in silver.
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    the one that should not exist

    what is the one pokemon that never should not exist in any pokemon game id go with sceptile
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    who would you be

    if you had a choice would you be a member of team rocket team magma team aqua or team galactic who would you be?
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    what is the toughest gym?

    hey people what i want to know is what is the toughest gym you have ever faced in any region of the pokemon world mine was the second one in hoenn whats yours?