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    My first team!

    How's this. Togekiss (Calm) Max Sp.Atk, 126 HP EV, 126 Sp.Def EV Roost T.Wave Aura Sphere Air Slash Salamence (Adamant) Max Atk, Max Spd. Crunch Rock Slide Dragon Claw Earthquake Garchomp (Adamant) Max atk, Max Spd. Stone Edge Dragon Claw Swords Dance Earthquake...
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    Quick EV question

    Let's say I level a bagon @ lvl1. If I defeat a machoke (2 atk EVs) and I gain like 8 levels. Would I still only have 2 EVs in atk? Or does it diminish over time? If I put an exp share on him and had my infernape defeat it in battle while that bagon WITH pokerus and Exp share did NOT...
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    Quick D/p EV question

    I have a level 5 heracross with adamant nature and the characteristic of "Likes to thrash about". All he's trained on so far are low leveled machop. If he has 2 atk EVs and then levels up. Will he lose those 2 EVs? Or would the attack add on once he hits 4 on the next level? Okay, finally one...
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    General Chansey breeding.

    Hi guys, I have a quick question. What pokemon do I have to chain breed in order to get a Chansey with counter, aromatherapy, and Thunder wave? So far the farthest I can get is a Pikachu w/ counter and T.Wave but no Aroma. Can pikachu learn heal bell?
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    Hi everyone?!!??

    Hey guys I'm new here, but I've been reading these forums for the past 2 years. I just wanted to introduce my current team for Pearl. Level 1 Heracross (Adamant) - Stone Edge, Close Combat, Night Slash, and Megahorn. Level 48 Garchomp (Adamant) - Earthquake, Swords Dance, Dragon Claw...