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    What is your favorite food?

    My favorite food is japanese or spaghetti. what is yours/ i also LOVE shrimp and seafood red lobster all day :)
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    Kangashkan Underrated?

    I mean really, Kangashkan is a good Pokemon (Fake out + Outrage). They are commonly forgotten because their lack of defence but they are strong Pokemon. Do you agree that they shouldnt be forgotten?
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    Will Brocks Croagunk Defeat TG's Toxicroak?

    Idk, but i think Croagunk will save the day by beating Toxicroak in a battle during a critical moment. Things like this have been proven such as Ash's Pikachu vs. Lt Surge's Raichu. Or will Croagunk evolve into Toxicroak (which i highly doubt) and beat TG's Toxicroak?
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    $ Favorite Pokemon?$

    My favorite pokemon is ;380; because they are cool & i use one competitevely and is my main powerhouse. Yay Draco Meteor!
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    Favorie Pokemon To Use In battles?

    In game Battle:;454; Wifi Battle:;145; What is your favorite Pokemon to use in these categories?
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    #MOVED# ~Battle of the Poke's V 1.0~

    Hello and welcome to the Grand Opening of Battle Of The Poke's! Here we have a showdown from each type to decide who is the best pokemon from each type. Today we will start with the Normal Type (Pure Normal)Legendaries do not qualifiy. Here are the Qualifing Pokemon: ;474; ;242; ;289...
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    What is the most useless move besides splash?

    What is the most pointless move besides splash? i think memento is becuase once your stats are lowered you can just swich out and nothing happened but your opponent died.
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    ~~The Forgotten Pokemon~~

    There are 493 Pokemon in this world. They are all special, but some Pokemon are forgotten. Here are the Pokemon: ;136; ;335; ;302; ;284; ;319; ;154; ;115; ;036; ;076; ;210; ;336; ;182; ;357; ;162; ;181; ;317; ;122; ;141; ;073; ;237; ;327; ;199; ;342; ;226; ;303; ;367; ;206; ;139; ;234...
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    Rate My Bastiodon

    Bastiodon Lv 100 Item:Leftovers Nickname:Centarion HP:324 Atk:223 Def:372 SP Atk:130 SP Def: 281 Speed:86 Stealth Rock Yawn Strength Metal Burst Im not sure if he is good enough, but what do you guys think? I always use him first. In case those who dont know, Metal Burst counters...
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    ~Will Paul Ever Change Like Gary??~

    I have been wondering this for a long time (and still am). Will Paul ever change his bad ways like Gary? Paul is much more bad than Gary to Ash, but he seems to be a guy that is hard to put in place. When the time comes for the Sinnoh League & Ash (hopefully) beats Paul, will he change?
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    Will Brock Ever Leave Ash?

    Brock and Ash are best friends. He's been there for Ash the whole way. Will Brock ever leave Ash?I just dont see it happening. Here is a list of reasons why he would stay/leave. Stay 1.Good Cooking 2.Nurses Pokemon 3.Ash's best friend Leave 1.To become a Pokemon Breeder 2.He has...
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    we have all heard this, but i am making it clear. Is slaking a waste? its so strong, but with traunt, it ruins its chance of being a pwerhouse would u have it despite traunt?
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    ~~predictions for characters pokemon~~

    which person will release/evolve their pokemon? i could see ash with floatzel & dawn with prinplup?
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    Pokemon Legendaries? Overrated?

    So lets just say your walking down the street and see people playing their DS. You ask what there doin and there like, Im looking for the best Pokemon, Palkia! He can kill everything! ~~But some of you may think, sure, whatever~~ ~~Or others would get all excited and join in~~ But what do...
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    The gore league

    The rules are simple. All you have to do is breed a starter, train, and battle people in the league over wifi. You can catch more pokemon over via Pokemon Modifier, or regularry. Only basic pokes with the modidfier though. Enter your Id, Name, FC, and your starter. If you would like any Poemon...
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    ~life memories~

    Any memories from the day you were born up to this day. Funny Memories Weird, Odd Memories You get the idea.
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    Worst moments around your crush

    What is the most embarrasing thing you have done around your BF/GF or some1 you have a crush on.;078;
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    This thread is mainly about bullies: How to deal with them. Stories about them. What they did to you/somebody else. Or just chat about them. What have you done about them? Post it here! Your problems with bullies will be over soon!
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    Pokemon Hacks ( Shiny Gold, Chaos Black) Discussion

    Is there a way to get Shiny gold for ds?????