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  1. K

    The Gay/Lesbian/Bisexual Alliance Club

    ill join im gay
  2. K

    Nero V4 (upgrades and additions)

    its just works of my imagination friend however if i knew how to programme i would id also be rich but hey
  3. K

    Nero V4 (upgrades and additions)

    Nero is basicaly the name of my region because it was the first name that popped into my head and sounded decent
  4. K

    Nero V4 (upgrades and additions)

    Foligon Beast Pokemon Grass/Dragon Basic Drafleur Beast Pokemon Grass/Dragon Evo: Foligon level 16 Beheplant Titan Pokemon Grass/Dragon Evo: Drafleur level 38 Medember Thought Pokemon Fire/Psychic Basic Vophit Thought Pokemon Fire/Psychic Evo: Medember level 14 Will-O'-Wise Communication...
  5. K

    Favourite Water Pokemon

    errm OMASTAR
  6. K

    Banning moves.

    counter attacks and protection attacks are for cowards im an offensive player full-blown attacks all the way
  7. K

    an idea

    part of my in-progress fakemon dex is a new evo line making heracross a final evolved form in aline of 3 HERACUT - claw bug pokemon HERACASE - iron shell pokemon then HERACROSS this evo line is classic level ups with no special incenses needed for breeding tell me what you think
  8. K

    Pokemon Portmanteaus

    geodude - geode dude slowking - slow slacking
  9. K

    Where can Nintendo make new features for the 3rd 4th gen game?

    the ??? plate for Arceus to catch Mesprit and Cresselia at location
  10. K

    Least favourite Eevee evolution?

    flareon but then again im really not afan of fire types theyre the least powerful of all however i like a couple - Magcargo/Torkoal
  11. K

    Cutest Leendary Pokemon

    Cresselia its an elegant and graceful swan-like pokemon a thing of beauty and majesty
  12. K

    The Official Pokemon "Cool Wall"

    KECLEON It has powerful potential looks cool and adorable plus its a chameleon whats not to love
  13. K

    The Pronouncing Topic!

    no i do too
  14. K

    how many pokemon can i put in my new gen without it becoming ott

    ok thanks ill probably stick to the near 200 mark
  15. K

    why are G/C/S considered the best gen?

    i wouldnt say best but it was the first "new gen" which would have made people excited and it inroduced cross-gen evos and babys
  16. K

    how many pokemon can i put in my new gen without it becoming ott

    so far ive got 152 that would put the total up to 645 if it were the 5th gen but i want to add more
  17. K

    peoples thoughts on spiritomb?

    spirtomb rawk they are logically the coolest ghost type with rotom second and sableye third the essence of a creature forged from spirits and locked to a stone in which it tries to escape is inspired lol nothing is better than kecleon though ok? ;352;
  18. K

    Strange Pokemon Cries

    purely coinsidental an electronic algerithm producing a vocal modulation can be manipulated to appear to sound like almost anything though something i have noticed is that sinnoh pokemon all have high pitched cries now that is weird
  19. K

    The NEW Anti-Cloning Club

    anti cloninj? no j its g