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    Teachers that suck.

    My art teacher. Frankly all art teachers. I hate when they critique your work and you think it a friggin masterpiece. Hello!!! I have seen worse art and they always think theirs is the best and yours needs to be like theirs and theirs looks like s@#$!!!
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    Most hated pokemon?

    I don't like magikarp. They get annoying if they don't have tackle or something. *splash* *splash*.
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    When he appeared right before the Sinnoh adventure I though for sure he would come back with more powerful pokemon and be in a little more episodes. WRONG
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    What if Unown got an evolution?!?

    They probably would evolve into a number. lol
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    Do Ghost type Pokémon have bones?

    Why not some do some dont. It depends on what you want.
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    I have one also. I like it for comunitcating with friends from another state which I have alot of those. I also just signed up for facebook for that same exact reason. I do think myspace is getting a little overated.
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    Members vs. Staff Members

    8 and hopefully it doesnt break
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    Should schools able to preform locker/strip searches?

    All I know is that should not happen. Thats a break in privacy. The only time this should happen if somebody has a really good suspicion.
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    Do you think they'll have another Pikachu Vs. Raichu at Volkner?

    I think there are going to many more of these battles to come.
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    If your pet were a pokemon/what pokemon does your pet remind you of?

    I have a dog and she reminds me of a really smart Absol or Mightyena.
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    The SUMMER 2009 Thread of Death: What in God's name is happening?!?

    I cant believe they died on the same day!
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    Doesn't suck when you realize the Pokemon you love stink?

    I dont care what kind of "class" they are in. I just get the pokemon and train it to its full potential.
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    How were you introduced to Pokemon?

    I had bought red and some of my other friends were into it, so I bought it and loved it. Never stopped playing it. I always got the "Turn that thing off" from my parents.
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    Why did you join serebii forums?

    I made my serebii account 2 years ago. Before that I was just lurking around looking at the pokedex's and stuff. Then I made the account. I didnt really post many times, but lately I have decided to start. Serebii Forums are the best forums that I know of and glad to be part of.
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    Team Plans in General

    Who really knows what I'll have.they will probally add pokemon from the 4th gen and others so all I know is that I am starting with typhlosion.
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    Who's gonna be your starter?

    Definetly going with Typlosion. Fire types all the way!
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    American Idol Discussion Thread

    What a ridiculous season. Kris is going to win because all the honey bunnies think hes all that. LAME this American Idol is about singing.
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    What makes a Pokemon a Pokemon

    The abilities and its types is what makes a pokemon a pokemon. We are able to throw them into battle and work with them to win the battle.
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    ...Pokemon Abuse?

    Its only a game and if it were real then yeah probally it would be abuse, but come on they have many games out there that they have things that fight against each other and they don't get accused of being abused.