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    PBR Players: Can you get me a Flying Pikachu?

    Legit of course, bought/won from PBR. I will trade several Shiny legendaries/regular Pokemon for it. PM me if anyone is willing to help a brotha out! :p
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    So are there Dakrai's out there now?

    Since the event happened? If yes, anyone want to trade with me?
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    Is SR/RoT Dakrai out there?

    From the movie event? I didnt see the date that it would be done, and the banned Pkmn thread already has his details. If anybody has one/can get one from somebody in Japan, I can trade a multitude of shinies for it.
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    Shiny Rayquaza & Shiny Groudon up for trade.

    Looking for other shinies, unnicknamed. Make your offers!
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    Does anyone live in Cincinnati? Aurora Ticket question...

    Do any Serebii members here live in Cincinnati, OH? I really want to mix records with someone so I could get ahold of an Aurora Ticket and have Deoxys for myself. Yes, I know I could always trade for one here...but it doesn't feel the same as having one of my own. If no one here could mix...
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    Looking for brand new, unbattled Deoxys.

    i.e. a Deoxys that is still lv.30, hasn't fought any battles yet. I can trade a shiny Mewtwo, Groudon, or Rayquaza for it.
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    SHINY Rayquaza available!

    Untouched for training, I have 3 Shiny Rayquazas available. I want shinies in return for them. Make your offers, my FC is in my sig.
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    Shiny Rayquaza available for trade, make offers.

    I need Celebi and Deoxys and shiny Pokemon.
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    Looking for a Celebi (Legit)/Will trade a shiny

    For anyone who is willing to trade a legit Celebi (clones are OK), I will trade you a Shiny Taillow, and/or your choice of: Latias 1 of 3 Regis Jirachi Thanks.
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    Trading any of the following for Celebi (legit):

    Here's what I can trade for a legit Celebi: Registeel Regirock Jirachi Shiny Taillow Latias (with Soul Dew)
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    Need: Celebi; Trading: Jirachi

    I am looking for a legit Celebi in exchange for a Jiraci. Anyone have one?
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    Trading: Jirachi for LEGIT Deoxys/Celebi (Clones=OK)

    My FC is 2406 1620 6509, Tyler. I have Jirachis available for legit Celebis or Deoxys, clones are ok.
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    Someone quick! I need a Drifloon for National Dex!

    240616206509 Tyler
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    I NEED a legitimate Mew.

    I have Jirachi to offer and a Shiny Zigzagoon. I've kind of been in the dumps since I missed our TRU event, so whoever can pull me outta my rut, I will be forever indebted to you. (My disc) I'll also take offers for Celebi.